Anybody in the Chicago area want to see the movie with me?

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Anybody in the Chicago area want to see the movie with me?

Postby La Saboteuse » Sun Dec 09, 2012 9:02 pm

Hey, I'm a lurker who's never properly introduced herself. I'll get to that...eventually.

The thought of not going to the movie with someone equally obsessed is keeping me up nights, so I wanted to ping you guys. Is there anybody in the Chicago area who wants to go with me/whom I can go with? (There may or may not be someone for me to go with as it is; if they do come we'll all just go together.)

I live in Evanston, so the Century Theatre on Maple Ave is closest for me (also I dig their stadium seating—people only put up with the bricked, level seats at the Old Orchard Loewe's because it was the only game in town), but I'd be willing to go down to Chicago or up to the wilds of the north suburbs if absolutely necessary.

I'm not sure if there are even any Chicago-area people on Abaissé, but I'd thought I'd ask...

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