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Fan Art Posting Guidelines

Postby MmeJavert » Sun Jul 30, 2006 6:05 am

Before you unleash your art on us, please give these rules a read through.
  1. Art of any pairing and style is welcome here.
  2. When posting your art, please use the following format in the Subject field:
    Title of piece ; Characters involved (if applicable) ; Rating ; Approximate Size
    E.g., The Prostitute; Fantine, PG; 350 x 300
  3. Anything up to and including a rating of PG-13 may be freely posted directly on this forum.
  4. If you wish to post artwork that is rated R or NC-17, please use the above Subject header format, and in the Message body, please provide a description that includes all applicable warnings, and an off-site link to the art. This is because there are members who may not be of age to view this material, as well as members who do not wish to view this material. I can't prevent anyone from clicking off-site links, but I can prevent you from posting it right on this forum.
  5. If you are posting a series of pictures, such as a comic or perhaps a group of related pictures, please post them as replies to the original post, rather than new threads.
  6. If you are posting any picture larger than 400px on its longest side, please use a thumbnail here in the forums and link us to the full-size version. I don't want huge pictures to break the forum.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these rules, please post a reply to this thread.

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