Musical Movie?

Go on about how awful the movie adaptations were here.

Should there be one?

Dear heaven, YES!
Maybe, if it's done right.
Supreme Being spare us, NO!
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Re: Musical Movie?

Postby Acaila » Thu Apr 24, 2014 10:57 am

Honestly, I didn't find Seyfried likeable, I think it's more that there are just a larger number of vocal Cosette fans around because there are more fans. I didn't see much about her performance that was particularly endearing.

I do take the point about the lack of solo lines not helping Les Amis in the movie, but I think Combeferre and Courfeyrac, plus Joly, had more character than usual in the movie thanks to the differences between the media of stage and screen, and some of the things they added (like the stuff with Gavroche). I say "they" in terms of filmmakers, but tbh I feel like Killian was just doing his thing in the background half the time considering a lot of his great little lines weren't in the script. But I'm probably being ignorant about film there!
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Re: Musical Movie?

Postby Flynn » Tue May 13, 2014 2:04 am

I actually found the opposite effect was true for the Amis in the film for me- after seeing it the first time I couldn't pick a single one of them apart (I could barely even remember which one was Grantaire), and it wasn't until barrages of gifs that I even started to be able to really distinguish a lot of them.

Part of that was I think due to some weak costuming decisions (seriously, every Amis looks almost identical or at least really similar to at least one other Amis), but also the cinematography and editing never focus on them enough to really graft them in my memory. Apart from a couple moments with Grantaire and Combeferre we really don't spend a lot of time with them as individuals, and they're far more treated as a singular group than anything else.

Which, y'know, is fine for theatre, but when it's so easy to create moments in mere seconds through editing I really don't understand the reasoning for not doing that in the film.

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Re: Musical Movie?

Postby Auf die Barrikaden » Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:44 pm

Five years ago on this day and at this time I watched the movie for the first time. Can't believe five years have passed. I made it my christmas tradition to watch it on Christmas Eve. And I will never give up hope to see an extended cut someday. Too many great scenes lost for the final cut. The knowledge that they filmed Father Mabeuf at the barricade AND even put his death in the trailer is almost heart-breaking. I won't stop pleading for the whole thing, all songs, uncut, better paced. ... masterpost

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