Les Misérables Film Project 1987-1993

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Les Misérables Film Project 1987-1993

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Les Misérables Film Project 1987-1993

After highly successful 1987 Broadway premiere, film producing company Tri-Star Pictures approached Cameron Mackintosh to adapt the stage musical into film. Mackintosh sells rights. Due to stage success(most productions world record 1988 with 15 simultaneously worldwide), it was agreed to not produce the film for at least five years. Alan Parker signed as director. First ads for upcoming film version put up in brochures and papers in 1988 for a 1992 release. Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg worked on rewriting stage material for Paris revival in 1990/91 to be used in the film. The 1992 release deadline was not met. Alan Parker left project and Bruce Beresford signed as director for a 1993 release, new ads in 1991 brochures. Boublil and Schönberg wrote a draft screenplay in March 1992. Draft contains new scenes, annotations to alter and rewrite exisiting songs but no new lyrics. Cuts Turning and ECAET. Basic stage musical structure is kept intact. Rewrites from Paris revival show up for first time in English with first UK tour premiere in Manchester, April 1992. Film in pre-production. John Napier works on sets and storyboards. No cast announced. New screenplay by Oliver Stone, sets constructed. Delay again, no information why. Last life signs are final round of ads in 1992 brochures, promising filming start in 1993. Project abandoned late 1992-93, rights reverted to Mackintosh. In development hell, until 2005 no new signs of a Les Mis movie. From 2009-2011 negotiations between Working Title and Mackintosh, screenplay by William Nicholson. Film ultimately came to life 2012.

Alan Parker 1988-1991
Bruce Beresford 1991-1993
Richard Attenborough
Steven Spielberg

$40 million


What remains on stage and screen today
Lyric changes Lovely Ladies
Pre 1992

Lovely lady!
Fastest on the street
Wasn't there three minutes
She was back up on her feet
Lovely lady!
What yer waiting for?
Doesn't take a lot of savvy
Just to be a whore
Come on, lady
What's a lady for?

Post 1992

God I'm weary
sick enough to drop
belly burns like fire
will the bleeding ever stop?
Cheer up dearie
show a happy face
plenty more like you here
if you can't keep up the pace
Only joking, dearie knows her place!

2012 film
Chain gang Work Song at harbour, feat of strength by Valjean-repeated at Runaway Cart
Javerts asks Mayor Madeleine/Valjean to be released from duty
Montfermeil Christmas Eve 1823
Lamarque's Funeral-DYHTPS
First battle before Valjean appears at the barricade

Les Misérables "From Stage to Screen"
Les Misérables London brochures 1988, 1991, 1992
https://web.archive.org/web/20061023004 ... 12_92.html
https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/ ... iew-406001
http://www.johnnapierstages.com/film-tv ... m-proposal
https://www.ascap.com/playback/2012/12/ ... Misérables
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