3rd or 4th viewing

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3rd or 4th viewing

Postby CC21106 » Sun Feb 05, 2017 5:21 am

Just watched the 2012 musical AGAIN and was struck by how much they left out, and how downplayed the Thenardiers were. The E/R death scene is pretty good, though--closer to the book. I would like to see it exactly like the book. I don't much like Marius. Having the spirits come and lead JVJ off is made up out of the whole cloth but it's very effective, and I see that in the movie Fantine still doesn't have her hair. I would think she would get it back in heaven, along with the decent dress. And of course she should have had a golden cascade of hair to her knees. More like the Blessed Damozel only more so. But you can't have everything I guess. I took lots of screen shots including those yellow passport ones. I tried to get a closeup of Marius's ring but don't know how to go ___ by___ man I'm so tired... Frame by frame.
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