Episode 44 of Shojo Cosette.

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Episode 44 of Shojo Cosette.

Postby RougeBlatant » Thu Nov 12, 2015 1:41 am

Spoilers, of course

Okay, so I'm aware it's not a movie but that's the closest it applied to.
Basically I watched episode 44 and decided I had to have a little rant. (I could tell because I was throwing my arms around while slamming my hand in the table.)

Can I first of all point out how (for some reason) irritated I am they didn't kill off Gavroche. Despite how great of a character he is. They missed the most perfect moment. That moment where he's edging forward singing that song, I feel slightly evil now... (Well he did get shot though.) I did love that moment where Chou Chou just sensed it and just howled. That made me smile.

I really want to talk about a certain moment though right now. That one moment where Jean Valjean and Enjolras are talking, it's such a peaceful moment and it deceived me. I do love that scene though. It's just so calm, and so peaceful, I think they pulled off this scene really well in particular as you have the passionate naivety of Enjolras and then the wisdom and experience of Valjean, and despite their contrasts they still agreed on a singular thing. The people. One of the major lines that stood out is when Enjolras says how the citizens did not stand up with them. Valjean replied saying how they left a spark in every citizen's heart, how those sparks would gather and grow and one day, there would be another revolution.

Now for Javert. I loved this scene. It really brought out Javert in a different light. I understood him in the movie (Never got there in the brick) but not to the degree. Comparing him with Crow (who, through looking at different Javerts, (is that the plural?) Gave the best drama based performance in my opinion) explained it really well. Crow gave hints to his reasoning generally in 'the confrontation' his suicide occurs because Valjean destroyed his reasoning. However this version of Javert actually says about his parents, how children of criminals are viewed as criminals, so he took the one route out. A policeman. Then he started breaking down saying how he arrested his parents again after they escaped. How he couldn't let them get away for they would always be criminals. Then Vajean just ruins it for him again be firing a shot into the air and leaving and Javert just collapses, he just can't deal with it. All this hate towards his parents for causing him to remain homeless, all the problems the gave him. He piled upon this one fact. Then for that once fact to be torn to pieces. His world is destroyed. (I have a feeling Javert's suicide will not turn up however.)

I did get very angry when Prouviare got shot. I just, he started talking, though he knew there we going to shoot him, he just said it anyway, how glad he was he met them. I did freak out. A lot

One last bit before we head to the final few minutes. Lets just talk about how Enjolras cried. Combeferre and Enjolras sat there watching the engines and began to discuss how some if men were students just like them. Enjolras went to shoot one of them, since he knew they had to stop the cannons. Combeferre tells him to stop and think about what he's doing. Then he raises the gun again. Combeferre tried to speak to him before realising Enjolras is crying. I did have to pause that moment and just think for a second. He doesn't want to shoot him, he doesn't want to hurt anyone he doesn't want to.

Now. The scene with the most unfitting music. They should have given more clues that they were doing Brecht style. Now I have to be honest. I like this version of Marius. But that moment where Marius gets shot, the music starts and Valjean goes running to catch him. Oh goodness. Then, it's slaughter. When Courfeyrac gets shot though. Just that moment where he's falling and you just know there will be one to catch him. Then he lands and the pendant falls out of his hands. Then you remember what promises were made between him and his girlfriend. Gah. Then there's Enjolras looking upon his friends. The whole scene just kills, I am so glad that R did turn up, I would have ranked it down by one if he hadn't. It may not have been him falling out a window, but it was certainly a dramatic ending. You see him fall back, then flashbacks of the Amis all gathered. Then his face ask he hits the ground. Then it shows both him and Grantaire, just there...
Then, fin.

Not really. Which really annoyed me. That would have been the perfect moment to end. Just leaving you with that feeling. It then shows you Valjean opening the sewers and entering. It was a lost chance.

Basically. I loved this episode. They executed it so well. There were a few irritations, but a lot less then expected. Now, just to hope Javert's ending goes well.

Rating 8.5/10
Rant, over.

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