1943 Mexican film adaptation Los Misérables

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1943 Mexican film adaptation Los Misérables

Postby Lugitum » Fri Aug 14, 2015 2:24 am

There was a 1943 Mexican film adaptation called Los Misérables. Fernando A. Rivero was the director and Domingo Soler plays "Juan Valjean".

Amazon has various international websites (Amazon.com, Amazon.fr, etc), and only some of the websites have the dvd, which has been available since last year. You can find it on Amazon.fr if you type in Los Misérables, although it may be necessary to click on DVD & Blu-Ray.
http://www.amazon.fr/Mis%C3%A9rables-Do ... B00KH7CS3S

Last year I bought the dvd and watched the film. It was pretty good in general as a movie, but not really a strong adaptation of Les Misérables. There are no reviews on IMDB for this movie and no comments on the IMDB message board for it, so I thought I'd start a thread for it here. I haven't seen it since late 2014 so I can't remember much about the film but I like to get all tv/film/radio adaptations of Les Misérables I can.

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Re: 1943 Mexican film adaptation Los Misérables

Postby Lugitum » Sun Jul 31, 2016 10:57 pm

Here are two commercials for the movie for showings of it on what I believe are Mexican TV channels:

Los Misérables HD (1943) ESTRENO 31 de Julio en Ultra Clásico

A rough translation of Jean Valjean's speech in the commercial:
"It's been 30 years since I stole a loaf of bread to take to the children of my ___ sister. Because I stole it I spent 19 years in the Toulon prison. After 14 days of walking aimlessly, a man ___. Bishop Myriel, ___ in his house, the great change in the course of my life."

When I type ___ it means that I am unable to translate a certain word/phrase. The first ___ is an adverb describing his sister. The second ___ may be "appeared" or "greeted me" I'm guessing, since that would make sense. The third ___ may be something like "welcomed me" or "took care of me", and is an action taken towards Jean Valjean by Bishop Myriel.

Los Misérables ESTRENO 6 de Agosto | Tele N

A rough translation of the narrator's speech in the commercial:
"Les Misérables. Of the ___ Victor Hugo. This Mexican production, ___ the life of a man, that was a victim of a tragic past. ___, the ___ of the town, ___, and the revolution fights for change. With Domingo Soler and Manolita Saval."

The first ___ may be something like "words of the novel of". The second ___ may be "shows". The third ___ is a verb, the fourth ___ is a noun, and the fifth ___ I am unable to translate.

The first commercial is one of the very best commercials I have ever seen, and the second one is pretty good too! :D So I recommend everybody to watch them along with the film.

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