Feel free to pimp your website, community, group, or board here.
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Postby MmeJavert » Sun Jul 30, 2006 5:44 am

Please do tell us about your website, community, group, or forum. We may be interested! However, please also follow the following guidelines.

  1. Please do not pimp your site or community more than once per month.
  2. Please do not pimp the same site or community twice. If you really want to grab our attention again, update and bump the original post. Please follow rule #1 in that case.
  3. The only exception to rule #2 is if you have a site with a theme of the month. You may, in that case, make a separate post with information on the new theme, or whatever the case may be. Do not abuse this.
  4. Anyone posting advertisements for naked webcams, penis/breast enlargements, moneymaking scams, or any other spam will be banned without any further warning. You know exactly what I mean by this; you probably get it in your e-mail all the damned time.
  5. Advertisements are not limited to Les Mis sites only. You can pimp any site that you have. After all, I'm sure we all have some other interests.

If there are any questions or concerns about these guidelines, either post a reply to this thread, or PM me.

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