join our rp? :D

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join our rp? :D

Postby Hannah » Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:33 am

So IDK if you all read the post where I introduced myself (or Shaz's, or Squeak's), but I help run this roleplaying game on Livejournal, and we have a pretty awesome cast of Amis BUT WE NEED MORE always more 8D

It's called XI RP (Xavier Institute) and is an AU game based on the Marvel Universe, and more specifically, X-Men. So yeah. Mutant Ami superheroes teaching teenagers at a boarding school.

It's amazing cracky fun and I've compiled some links to threads you can read if you want (which you should do even if you're not keen on RP because they are very entertaining). - In which Jehan and Courfeyrac race swivel chairs. - In which Combeferre tries to be the voice of reason and Enjolras insists he does not need a babysitter. - In which Courfeyrac invades Enjolras's office with terrible romance novels. - In which Joly, Enjolras, and Courfeyrac approve of the students rebelling against authority. ... 7#t9348267 - In which Courfeyrac battles sentient shadows with a cigarette, and is the damsel in distress more than once, to his displeasure. ... 9#t9288619 - In which Courfeyrac fangirls Temeraire and touches Enjolras too much. (And Jessica Jones suggests that they change their name to "the Cuddle Club".)

We've got five of Les Amis at the moment, though our Joly is sadly inactive. I play Jehan, Shaz plays Enjolras, Marguerite plays Courfeyrac, and our friend Maria plays Combeferre. We'd love any of the other Amis or anyone else from Les Mis, full stop! ...or anyone not from Les Mis, even, tbh. Apps are open now for the week, and if you are interested ummmm I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER? :D /ramble

But yeah mostly MUTANT AMI SUPERHEROES heck yes

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Postby a_marguerite » Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:36 am

Join in our crusade, seriously!

It is so much fun.

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Re: join our rp? :D

Postby Shaz » Wed May 26, 2010 4:55 pm

I regret nothing.

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