My official Facebook groups for Paul Gordan's Musicals

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My official Facebook groups for Paul Gordan's Musicals

Postby Pontmercy » Wed Aug 11, 2010 7:33 pm

Hey all! Your friendly neighborhood lurker/Pontmercy has decided to come out from behind the tree and become a useful member of society. :-D

Anyone familiar with the musicals Jane Eyre, Emma or Daddy Long Legs? They are all written by the same person and JE and DLL also have John Caird as creator/director. I was frustrated by the lack of info in one place about these three so I decided to put it all together myself.

Jane Eyre -

Emma -

Daddy Long Legs -

The response to these has been very positive, Mr. Gordan actually put links to these on his own website and has always been appreciative of the efforts I and others have put into it. If you look at the Emma group's list of "officers" you will see that almost the entire cast are members of the group. :-D To make it even better some of them have even RSVP'd to the event I made for the production of Emma in San Diego next year!

Anyway, if you like the musicals or want to find out more feel free to join and poke around for a bit.

God bless,


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Re: My official Facebook groups for Paul Gordan's Musicals

Postby [type your name] » Sat Aug 21, 2010 5:19 am

Jane Eyre is such an amazing musical, I never understood why it was so underrated and unknown. I used to cry buckets while listening to the BCR, and I still do sometimes, after all these years :oops:

I will definitely have to look up those other two musicals, because I've never heard of them before. Thanks a lot for posting those links!

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Re: My official Facebook groups for Paul Gordan's Musicals

Postby MmeBahorel » Sun Aug 22, 2010 2:12 am

Paul has always been great with the fans (I used to hang out around the Jane Eyre board for a while).

Daddy Long Legs is way cute, and all the women who have played Jerusha in the readings are Les Mis alumnae - Jayne Paterson was initially involved (she's worked with Paul since Jane Eyre, and she was Fantine on tour), then Leslie Henstock did one of the California workshops (tour Cosette), and now Megan McGinnis has been doing a couple workshops (Broadway revival Éponine).
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