Webhosting on the-barricade.net and chanvrerie.net

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Webhosting on the-barricade.net and chanvrerie.net

Postby Marianne » Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:53 am


Your friendly co-mods have both recently noticed that they have more disk space and bandwidth than they know what to do with, and have decided to offer subdomains to Les Mis fans who need webspace for their own sites.

How does it work?

If you want a URL of the form sitename.the-barricade.net, drop MmeJavert an email at admin@the-barricade.net
If you want a URL of the form sitename.chanvrerie.net, contact Marianne at 96belowthewave@gmail.com

Include the subdomain name you want, your Abaissé username if it isn't obvious from your email address, and a word or two about what you want to do with the space. (Pretty much anything Les Mis related should be fine as long as it's not for the upload/download of large files whose copyright does not belong to you. Our webhosts will go after us for that. Dreamhost in particular likes to scan for sites that are full of large files unused by the website itself, including .rar files not required by your page. Ask how MmeJavert knows this.) If your site requires PHP, mySQL, Perl, etc., we might be able to set something up for you.

In case you would need something a bit beyond a place for plain .html pages and a few pictures, both sites are capable of SQL databases, mailing lists, WordPress, gallery software, phpBB (obviously), and wiki software -- as well as the ability to password protect directories and set up hotlinking prevention. Just ask! also should you like to stalk your visitors it is possible to provide access to site statistics (including referring URLs, search terms, browsers used to visit, etc.) upon request. the-barricade.net also has Google Apps.

We'll get back to you with an FTP hostname, username, and password, which you can use to transfer files onto your site. Some limited assistance with using/uploading via FTP can be provided.

If you can't design webpages to save your life, we can give you a template modeled off the design of Chanvrerie.net, and you can fill in the colors and background images yourself.

Or you can use this website to help you out.
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