The Insurrectionists

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The Insurrectionists

Postby freedomlover » Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:07 pm

“Walzynski’s head jolted “not that I want glory, but I want the people to be drawn to the light. Oh, so the people can rise to the crest of the mountains and shine in everlasting liberty! Forgiveness to society, end this bloodshed and strife someday. We want solidarity! This my dear Kaszczykowski is why I fight as I do. This is why I stand. I’m not afraid, I want to direct the winds of history because if we do not- who will? Isn’t this why God created us? Isn’t this the point of existence? I do not want to just exist. I want to create something to outlast me. This is why my penname is Rewolucja” Kaszczykowski smiled “if only we all had such courage”
Rewolucja raised the flag “Citizens! We will keep fighting. This is your choice to join us if you feel led. I will remain in our victory we will achieve a democracy. The winds of change have arrived it is here we the people shall decide our course.” - Lech Walzynski, The Insurrectionists

So that's my favorite part of the book.

Its a political allegory of "what is freedom?" where everybody has their own ideas of how to change things. History also begins repeating itself, although not in an obvious way at first.

Authors Note: It actually is really funny I just noticed several of my protagonists have different ideas of freedom.

Its called "The Insurrectionists" and should be available on, and Amazon in all European countries.

If Amazon is showing an error, that's just because I did a reformating for the holidays in an attempt to lower the page number :oops: but it should be available again this week. ... 1542875374 ... y+hausheer

and yes, Walzynski is kind of left-wing

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