London Meeting Pre-Barricade Day?

Any new and interesting events going on that you'd like to tell us about?
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Re: London Meeting Pre-Barricade Day?

Postby Hannah » Mon May 24, 2010 2:23 am

I think the 30th would be a safer bet since we wouldn't have to plan it around other stuff. And actually I've never been to the older side! I tried, once, but my friend and I were about 2 minutes late for the tour we'd booked and the man giving it was REALLY MEAN to us. Then I discovered that the newer side is all lovely and overgrown and crumbly and you can wander around into the dark corners all you like and no one is leading you around talking at you and telling you you can't do stuff, so... I sort of decided I liked that better anyway. Costs less, too!

The Inn sounds fine to me, I'm sure I can work out how to get there :D but the city's cool too idk anywhere I can reasonably find my way to from a bus or tube stop really!

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Re: London Meeting Pre-Barricade Day?

Postby Col.Despard » Sat May 29, 2010 9:51 am

Okay guys - I've tried sending message around, but in case anyone doesn't receive it...we're meeting at 5.30 pm tonight (29th May) at the Charlie Chaplin statue in Leicester square. At the moment, I'll probably be wearing something ridiculous (one of my new vintage purchases, most like), but you guys know each other and my short hair. Otherwise, we're sitting in J row, as is Frederique.

Tomorrow, Hampstead Heath...shall we meet at Hampstead station at 11.00 am? That will give us all time to walk up to Spaniard's Inn nice and early, and then stroll over to Highgate.
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