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Postby MmeJavert » Sat Jun 21, 2008 10:40 pm

I discovered on my webhost's status blog that they will be doing some work, which requires the webservers to be down, on July 11th, for about two hours starting at 10pm PST. (Or approximately 6am-8am July 12th GMT.) Meaning Abaisse probably won't be around at that time. Not sure how many of you visit at that time, but just in case. :)

And yes, it was down this morning -- between about 11am-1pm GMT my webhost was experiencing high server load, so apologies if you tried to visit then.

(Um, I'm considering moving to a different host, so if it's possible to move Abaisse to a different webhost I just may do that, but this won't be until about September when my current plan with Dreamhost comes to an end.)
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