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Postby Lugitum » Wed Nov 12, 2014 8:16 am

Hello Abaisse, I am Lugitum. I am a new member on these forums and am very excited to join.

Here is my history with Les Misérables:
-During the 90's I saw a trailer for a Les Misérables adaptation (either the 1998 USA film or the USA musical). It included a bird flying, maybe a dove through a tunnel. Maybe somebody knows of this trailer. I had heard of Les Misérables but didn't really know it.
-In the 90's I had heard of the USA musical, which was very popular.
-In the 90's or early 00's I remember watching an episode of Seinfeld, in which George keeps humming the song "Master Of The House", which he says is from Les Misérables.
-My first real experience with Les Misérables though was in June 2009. I was watching tv late at night and found, I think on TCM channel, a Les Misérables adaptation playing. I didn't know what it was initially, but then I heard my first line from Les Misérables, which was "In prison they gave me a bed of wood, now I have one of stone." It was the 1935 USA film adaptation. I was very interested but I don't remember if I saw all of the rest of the film at that point or fell asleep. But immediately after I saw part of the 1952 USA film adaptation, which was the next movie shown on the channel. I watched the 1935 adaptation in full soon after on June 7th 2009 and got very interested in Les Misérables. I was very impressed by the entire bishop sequence in that adaptation.
-Sometime in 2009, 2010, or 2011, I bought a hardcover version of the Julie Rose translation of the book. The version with the picture of the umbrella girl on the cover. I read the first third of the novel. I was very interested, but as I was reading, there were many footnotes, which I of course read. Having to stop and read all these footnotes may have lowered my enjoyment of the reading a bit. I don't remember why I stopped after reading the first two of the five sections of the book though. I may have gotten busy with other interests/activities.
-In March 2012 my extreme interest in Les Misérables returned and I started to watch various tv/film/animation adaptations. I watched eight major adaptations, one minor one, and the 1935 USA one again, within a period of six weeks. After this, my favorite adaptations were the 1934 France and 1935 USA ones.
-I finally saw the musical movie on January 19th 2013. I rate it 9/10 but considered it one of the weaker adaptations, because of the singing and comedy and short length.
-In late May and early June 2013 I watched another major tv/film/animation adaptation, seven minor ones, and again the 1935 USA version.
-In October and November in 2014, I started again with watching new tv/film/animation adaptations, plus this time I started listening to radio adaptations. I watched two major adaptations, one minor one, plus listened to five radio adaptations. At this point, my favorite adaptations are the 1934 France and 1935 USA and 2001 UK radio adaptations.

When I first got interested in Les Misérables: Early June 2009
Number of TV/Film/Animation/Radio adaptations watched/listened to: 17 major and 10 minor
Favorite adaptations: 1934 France, 1935 USA, and the 2001 UK radio ones.
Favorite characters: Jean Valjean, Fantine, Bishop Myriel, and Éponine.
Favorite line: "In prison they gave me a bed of wood, now I have one of stone." (From the 1935 USA film adaptation)
Read book?: So far I have read only the first third of the Julie Rose translation.
Seen musical?: No, but I have seen the 2012 UK musical film.

Here are my plans now:
-Watch the 2000 France television mini-series (shorter English version)
-Watch the 1992 France television animated series
-Watch the 1964 Italy television mini-series
-Watch the 2007 Japanese television animated series
-Read the book

I also have on my computer, seven minor film adaptations that I haven't seen, for example the 1967 Turkey one, but may not watch them for a bit.

I am hoping that in the future there will be dvd releases for these long adaptations:
-1925 France film
-1968 UK television mini-series
-1973 Mexican television mini-series
-1980 Japanese television mini-series
-1988 Japanese television mini-series

I have listened to five of the ten radio adaptations. Not the 1925, 1939, 1944, and 1976 adaptations though, since they may be lost and/or super rare. The 2012 France radio adaptation is available but I do not speak or read French. It would be great if somebody can upload a video of this radio adaptation on Youtube, with English subtitles.

I am very interested in the various tv/film/animation/radio adaptations. I have less interest in musicals/plays/concerts/comics/games/books adaptations. I plan to read the book next year. What do you think?

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Re: Lugitum

Postby Prisoner 24653 » Thu Nov 13, 2014 7:21 am

Hello there, and welcome!

That's a pretty impressive film viewing history there. I've not seen most of those -- I've seen 5 film versions plus the concerts (and certain other recordings) of the musical, but would love to check out more. Hope you enjoy reading the novel! And some of the other users here may be able to help you find the other versions you're looking for. :)

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Re: Lugitum

Postby Lugitum » Thu Nov 13, 2014 10:41 pm

Thanks for the response Prisoner 24653. Who is that in the book?

Which ones did you see? Recently I've liked a lot the 1937 USA radio adaptation created by Orson Welles. It's one of the best adaptations but unfortunately it's only three hours long. So far, of the various adaptations I've watched/heard, I think this is one of the three "best made" ones, along with the 1934 France film and the 2001 UK radio version. Still, because of length issues and personal bias, the "best made" versions aren't necessarily my three favorites. I look forward to watching/hearing some other long adaptations in the future.

Please also post on my other thread here:
What adaptations have you watched/heard?

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Re: Lugitum

Postby Prisoner 24653 » Fri Nov 14, 2014 12:49 am

My username is actually a reference to the musical -- in the Japanese productions of the stage show, Valjean's prison number was changed to "24653" to better fit the rhythm when it's sung, since a direct translation of "24601" would have been 8 syllables in that language. Japanese isn't the only language where they've changed his number in the musical, though; this topic has a pretty interesting and thorough rundown of what Valjean's number is in the musical when performed in different countries.

And aye, I loved the Orson Welles radio version, as well! For radio versions, I've heard that one, the 1980 CBS version, the 2001 BBC4 version (with Roger Allam as Valjean), and the 2002 Focus On The Family version. And the film versions I've seen were the 1934, 1978, 1998, and 2012 feature films and the 1964 Italian miniseries (which is my personal favourite). I'll check out your other topic as well; thanks!

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Re: Lugitum

Postby Lugitum » Fri Nov 14, 2014 2:57 am

Interesting about the number changes. I checked out that thread and didn't know about this.

You've seen a lot of versions! I will discuss some tv/film/radio/animation adaptations now. Of the 27 major and minor adaptations that I have watched/heard. It seems that the "best made" adaptations are the 1934 France film, 1937 USA radio version, and the 2001 UK radio version. You have seen/watched these three. Of the six major adaptations that I have not seen/heard yet, you've seen one of the two which I expect to be extremely strong, the 1964 Italian television mini-series. The big adaptation you haven't watched is the 2007 Japanese television animated series, which is 23 hours long. How come you haven't seen this one yet? I have it in full in high video quality with English subtitles. I downloaded it but will buy it this month.

I'm jealous that you've seen the 1964 version! I ordered the dvd the other day and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail, although I already have it downloaded from Youtube. I have 2 or 3 other adaptations to watch first but I'll be watching it in a couple weeks.

The longer adaptations will include more sections from the book and in more detail, although still can vary in how well these adaptations are made. For example the long version of the 2000 France television mini-series has a big strength of being 6 hours and 40 minutes long, but it has a weakness of not being as well made as some other versions. Which is why I don't think it's as strong as the 1934 France film, which is only five hours long, but is better made.

I have only seen some so far of the 1964 version. Is it very faithful? Does it include many sections of the novel and in great detail? Does it make dumb changes to the story? How much better is it compared to the other adaptations?
p.s. Make sure to check out the long 6:40 length version of the 2000 France television mini-series, it's one of the stronger adaptations even though it has some downsides. There are English subtitles available for download online for it. There is also a nearly three hour long version of it that was filmed at the same time by the same cast and crew, in English. I am watching the shorter version for the first time now and it's much weaker due to the cast not being able to speak English properly.

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Re: Lugitum

Postby Acaila » Fri Nov 14, 2014 10:03 pm

Hey there, welcome to Abaisse :D
That is some pretty organised fandoming there I must say, excellent work! ;)
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Re: Lugitum

Postby Prisoner 24653 » Fri Nov 14, 2014 11:07 pm

The 2007 Japanese series is one I've had on my "to watch" list for quite a while now... just need to get my hands on a copy. Or YouTube it sometime. :lol:

The 1964 version is fantastic -- possibly the closest a film or TV version has gotten to the novel. Sadly, a good subtitled version is difficult to find; I watched it on YouTube, where a fan posted a version with their own subtitles. I've heard from other fans that the French miniseries from 2000 was considered fairly awful; there were apparently a lot of scenes that were really different from the book, and some felt Depardieu and Malkovich were just sleepwalking through their roles. The 1934 French version is much better-received. I do plan on watching the 2000 version for myself as well, though.

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Re: Lugitum

Postby Lugitum » Sat Nov 15, 2014 4:14 am

Acaila and Prisoner 24653, please post in my thread here:

Keep in mind that even though the 1964 Italian and 2007 Japanese adaptations are very long and very high quality, there are four other tv/film/animation/radio adaptations that I believe are at least seven hours long (besides the 10 hour long 1992 France television animated series, which is considered weak). These other four adaptations are either lost and/or super rare, so maybe some film archive or tv company has them on file somewhere:
-1967 UK television mini-series (8:20 long)
-1973 Mexican television mini-series (around 20 hours long)
-1980 Japanese television mini-series (23 episodes, unknown length)
-1988 Japanese television mini-series (unknown length)

The Japanese adaptations, I don't expect them to be set in 1800's France, they may end up being "inspired by Les Misérables" and set in Japan in a different time, so they may not be direct adaptations. This means that it's possible that the 1967 UK and 1973 Mexican adaptations may be the best adaptations of Les Misérables, but unfortunately we can't see them. I read somewhere (probably on this site in the movies section) I think that there is a copy of the 1967 UK version somewhere. Hopefully these four items are released on dvd in the future.

I have the 2007 Japanese television animated series on my computer. There is a torrent file for the complete series in pretty good video quality, with English subtitles. Aoi-Anime, Wasurenai, and Licca did the English subtitles. This is the link: ... -batch-out
I will buy the series officially this year but I have this version for now.

I couldn't find the 1964 Italian version with English subtitles on Youtube, please link me to it. They were English subtitles? Did the entire series have English subtitles? How were they? I do see the uploads of it without English subtitles already though.

Today I finished watching the shorter 2:53 length version of the 2000 France television mini-series (I've earlier seen the 6:40 length version of it they made at the same time). A lot of stuff has been changed from the novel unfortunately.

Do you have interest in watching the 1992 France television animated series?

Acaila please join us in this discussion, and anybody else reading this! :-)

I can't wait for my 1964 Italy and 1992 France versions to come in the mail later this month! :P

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