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Postby gauzy » Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:58 pm

I am gauzy, or 'gauzythreads' on tumblr. I knew absolutely nothing about the musical other than "orphans" when i went to see the movie earlier this year - I had never heard of Jean Valjean, even - but since then I've got kind of into it, and early nineteenth c. french history in general. I write les mis meta from time to time on tumblr, usually about puns and/or grantaire's speeches and characterisation. I'm in the process of archiving some of the more researchy meta posts over at http://gauzyreads.tumblr.com/ if anyone's interested :). Hi, anyway!

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Postby Marianne » Fri Oct 25, 2013 1:28 am

HI GAUZY *waves*
[Dieu] entend ta voix, ô fille des hommes! aussi bien que celle des constellations; car rien n'est petit pour celui devant lequel rien n'est grand.
- George Sand, Les sept cordes de la lyre

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Postby Acaila » Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:30 am

Hello and welcome aboard the....er...board! :lol:
Delighted by the sound of this Grantaire stuff, especially since the poor dear does seem to suffer from some bad characterisation these days. But yes, there is plenty meta around the boards here, and I'd be super happy to see more :)
I love the sound of only thinking LM was mostly about orphans - it's giving me mental images of Annie in 19th century France with Javert as Miss Hannigan.
Anyway, welcome welcome. Any questions or anything, we have an Important Information subforum and lots of helpful people to answer any questions, and please do just dive right in, the water's lovely! :D
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Re: 'sup

Postby humanracer » Fri Oct 25, 2013 7:20 pm

Hi Gauzy

Welcome to the forum. I looked at your tumblr and noticed you posted about the Wraxall translations. I cannot answer you on tumblr as I don't have one and have no intention of getting one. I will however answer you here if that is ok. The Pooley & Co edition of the Wraxall translation was a pirated copy from America. Wraxall had the exclusive right of translation in Britain but in America the copyright did not apply. Pooley & Co released the translation to compete with the Wilbour one which had been released months before. Many people pointed out however that he Wraxall translation was abridged when released in Britain, missing the Cambronne section and some other chapters. They also removed Hugo's book titles, which meant some plot information was lost. Pooley & Co therefore added an appendix for their second edition of the translation which added the missing section, however some parts were still incomplete. Wilbour easily outsold the Wraxall translation and Pooley & Co did not release any futher editions. The funny thing about the ads is that often you would see ads for Wilbour and Wraxall side by side in the newspapers with each publisher criticsing the other. The letter from Hugo was used by the publisher as evidence for the dubious claim that Hugo approved of the translation. Hugo was actually shocked that so much had been edited out.

If you look in the book section, there should be links to the Wraxall translation in the translations post. If not I believe http://www.hathitrust.org/ has it if you search for the "Little Brown" editions.


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