5.8 La décroissance crépusculaire 23/8/11-26/8/11

Abaissé re-reads the novel in its entirety! All welcome, no matter whether you're reading in French or some other translation. Discussion topics for each step along the way.

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5.8 La décroissance crépusculaire 23/8/11-26/8/11

Postby Frédérique » Wed Aug 24, 2011 3:09 am

Volume 5: Jean Valjean, book 8: Fading of the twilight

1. La chambre d'en bas/The lower chamber
2. Autre pas en arrière/Another step backwards
3. Ils se souviennent du jardin de la Rue Plumet/They recall the garden at the Rue Plumet
4. L'attraction et l'extinction/Attraction and extinction

You can find the French text of this book here and the Hapgood English translation here.

Valjean gradually removes himself from Cosette's life and finally ceases to visit; Cosette is distracted by the joys of young wedded life.

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Re: 5.8 La décroissance crépusculaire 23/8/11-26/8/11

Postby MmeBahorel » Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:49 pm

Livre 8

Chapitre 2
1 (a despair that inhabits their nights): On jurerait que V. Hugo parle de lui. De quelle << bête inconnue >>, de quel << fond formidable >>?
We would swear that V. Hugo speaks of himself. Of what “unknown beast”, of what “formidable depth”?
What kind of literature and what kind of life is the same question. - Tom Stoppard

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