Enjolras as Lawrence of Arabia?

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Enjolras as Lawrence of Arabia?

Postby Jehans Rose » Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:24 am

Lawrence of Arabia, has always been a favorite film of mine but in re-watching it, this time around I was struck by how much Lawrence actually reminded me of Enjolras.
Lawrence was a young man who was completely incomprehensible to his contemporaries, as Enjolras himself was described as being "strange in youth". To me they seem both seem to possess a complex personality. No one really knows who they are. They are both on their own missions which become so sacred it is pretty much either life or death for them-their charisma gains them many followers but eventually they end up meeting their downfall.
I think that what had first set my mind working was a certain scene where the character Lawrence had to execute another man to preserve his quest-he was rather reluctant (given the ironic fact that he had actually saved the man's life earlier in the film), but he saw the necessity in it and promptly did it, as did Enjolras with Claquesous.
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Or maybe it was blonde hair and blue eyes. :?
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