Shows that you hate yourself for missing

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Re: Shows that you hate yourself for missing

Postby Flynn » Tue May 13, 2014 1:59 am

I don't hate myself for missing this one, but I am monumentally disappointed in my HS drama teacher for it.

See, every year in my drama program, students that got into one or more of the 4 core groups of the program got to go on an annual weekend trip to New York, where they participated in a number of workshops and activities and also saw three Broadway shows. And the nice thing was that the teacher had a strict "first year runs only" rule to the shows so that you were only ever seeing new shows- no Phantom, Lion King, Wicked, etc.

He would typically pick smaller, more eclectic shows, but my senior year for some unearthly reason picked Newsies as one of the shows. As I later found out, we could have seen Once, since it had just opened. With Cristin Milioti (aka one of my absolute favorite people ever).

I am eternally disappointed, high school drama teacher. Eternally. Disappointed.

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