Roles You'd Love To See Miz Cast Members Play?

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Re: Roles You'd Love To See Miz Cast Members Play?

Postby deHavilland » Thu Jan 21, 2016 2:53 am

_23623_ wrote:I only watched one Les Mis full show bootleg from the 90s, i.e. the one in which JOJ was Valjean. In addition to that, one without any infomation about date or cast, one in the year 2000, one in which Lea was Fantine, and one in which Sarich was Enjolras. Honestly this is all I know so ... I have no idea whether Jodge was one of those Valjeans :oops:

And Havvy, would you mind me sending PMs regarding lifestream? I have some questions but I'm afraid it is off-topic to ask here. Thank you!

Absolutley! Feel free to fire away with PMs.

Hmm. Drew Sarich understudied Enjolras during the second Broadway Revival, and in that particular video (and for the duration of the time that Sarich was understudying Enjolras) Valjean was played by Alexander Gemignani. And Lea Salonga played Fantine around the same time in the same revival, and there are a couple different videos of her Fantine, but in both cases it would also be Alex Gemignani.
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Re: Roles You'd Love To See Miz Cast Members Play?

Postby 23623 » Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:01 am

I'm reviving this because I just realize that I made a huge mistake (not the only one of its kind though) a long time ago. I seriously need something to remind myself not to make that mistake again. Said mistake I...I confused Ruthie Henshall with Frances Ruffelle.

Ruthie Henshall as Lily Craven! I have this mental image for a long time. :D Don't know why I forgot to add this when I first noticed the idea of Colm as Archie. But I was lucky to have forgotten this...otherwise I would have written the wrong name and that would be very embarrasing. :oops:
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Re: Roles You'd Love To See Miz Cast Members Play?

Postby 23623 » Mon Jan 23, 2017 9:36 am

Sorry for digging this up. In all honesty: this is a shameless fangirling post...but I need help. Can anybody help me get over (well more likely, aggravate) my obsession of Christopher Jacobsen? I can't count how many times I've watched the Prologue and Who am I from the international tour. Really, I'm spending way too much time watching his JVJ videos to the point that I nearly signed his name on the lecture attendance sheet the other day! :oops:

Searched him in Youtube but only got a few videos of his BHH, which I admit I don't really like. Plus something from Love Never Dies, and a Confrontation.
... Oh wait, Youtube did tell me that he had played Enjolras, when Geronimo Rauch was Valjean in the London cast! This...this is simply too good to be true. :shock: :P I don't even care if he's a good Enjolras (which he must be, I believe). Just having these two people in the same cast is pretty awesome!!

Wondering if he has played any other role in Les Javert? Marius? Thenardier? Factory foreman? Any of the student or Patron Minette? What about other stuff that pretty much everyone has done, like Phantom (I mean Phantom in Phantom)? Well...honestly though I'd love to see him play any role in anything. :D
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Re: Roles You'd Love To See Miz Cast Members Play?

Postby Acaila » Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:51 pm

When he was JOJ's understudy, he played Courfeyrac. He was an alternate/cover Valjean in the west end for a spell, then Enjolras for a glorious spell. His Enjolras is magnificent, my second favourite.

*cracks knuckles* *heads to tumblr archive*
First of all, it would be a crime if someone this good looking wasn't a fantastic Enjolras - http://barelymissedbecominghistoric.tum ... t-west-end
He worked really well in a sort of on a higher plane than the rest of you marble statue Enjolras. He was often quite soft, but had so much power in his voice when it was needed - ... Misérables
Did I mention he was drop dead gorgeous in the part - ... jolras-too
And his final battle was the best final battle, and his final final battle was even better: http://barelymissedbecominghistoric.tum ... battle-and

He went to do Candide with Fra Fee and David Thaxton, and was ridiculously perfect in that, then was in some production of South Pacific I never heard anything about, and then a European tour of JCS playing Pilate.

*sigh* They need to get him back in the Queens already :(
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