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Helpmann Awards - Sydney 27th July 2015

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 4:18 am
by dnaylorau
The Helpmann Awards were broadcast live (and almost advert free) last night. These awards are Australia's premier awards for the performing arts Best Musical was won by Les Mis, which made me cheer. Simon Gleeson (Jean Valjean) won Best Male Actor in a musical and Kerrie-Anne Greenland (Éponine) won Best Female Actor in a supporting role in a musical. Les Mis also won the Best Lighting and Best Sound technical awards. Patrice Tipoki (Fantine), Hayden Tee(Javert)and Chris Durling (Enjolras)didn't win in their respective categories. Unfortunately, Hayden Tee was in the same category as Simon Gleeson. Nevertheless, a good haul.

The cast sung three numbers at the start of the awards show - At the End of the Day, On My Own and Bring Him Home. I thought ATEOTD was excellent, BHH was pretty good and OMO was appalling.

I seem to be way out on a limb with my total dislike of this rendition of OMO and I don't know why? Am I so very wrong on this? IMO Kerrie-Anne sings it like a teenage pop song where she breaks into screeching/shouting mode and her voice seems to break down completely. Is this how the song should be sung nowadays? Listening to other versions eg Carrie Hope Fletcher, Lea Salonga, Samantha Barks....etc,etc gives me goosebumps. Listening to this Australian version makes me cringe and cover my ears. This clouds my view of the production as a whole. Sir Cameron Macintosh seems to praise this cast very highly indeed.

I am one confused boy!!!!

Re: Helpmann Awards - Sydney 27th July 2015

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2015 2:43 am
by dnaylorau
Lea Salonga is touring Australia and just seen her show. Of course she sang "On My Own" and it brought real goosebumps and made me choke up. She received a tumultuous standing ovation for this song.

The complete opposite to the Australian Éponine.