Seeing Les Mis in Melbourne tonight!!!

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Re: Seeing Les Mis in Melbourne tonight!!!

Postby dnaylorau » Mon Dec 22, 2014 6:32 am

Oh well Les Mis has finished its run in Melbourne. Opens in Perth at the end of January for a limited season. From what I have read on Social Media, it seems to me that the cast cannot wait to get to Perth. More than half of them are graduates of the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts. They seem to be showing far more enthusiasm for Perth than they did for Melbourne.

There is no doubt this production received high acclaim from the critics in Melbourne. Also, Social Media wash awash with people writing emotive posts in favour of the cast and the production. "Best Ever......." was one of the most common lines. A professional production of Les Mis has not been to Australia for more than 10 years and I suspect few of the audiences members have travelled abroad to see other productions, so they have nothing else to compare this production with.

I am left feeling really disappointed. If I compare this production with the current New York production, which is fair since they are both based on the same 25th Anniversary updates, the Australian production is third rate, in my opinion. I have expressed my views in other posts and those views continue to be uppermost in my mind. In all the eight times I saw the show, at no time did I leave feeling enthused and excited that I had to go again. The same could not be said for the last time I went to London (July 2014) when I had to go every night of my visit and was saddened when it was time to return to Australia.

I am sorry that I didn't like you Les Mis Australia and I am so negative about the production and some of the performers. Good luck in Perth I may come over to see you again during that run.

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Re: Seeing Les Mis in Melbourne tonight!!!

Postby Olivia_y » Sat Jan 10, 2015 8:11 am

I saw the Melbourne production last August, so it's quite a while ago and I can't remember individual numbers well enough to write a review, but one of the overall impressions I got was that the show was a lot more 'violent' than it was when I saw it in London. Like the scenes with Fantine's Arrest or with Éponine in Attack on Rue Plumet; obviously they're pretty rough scenes already but the way the actresses were being thrown around the stage just felt over the top and distracted from the overall scene.

One performance I remember for the wrong reasons is Enjolras; I liked Chris Durling well enough, but I really wanted to /love/ him. His singing/acting was decent but it never felt like he commanded the stage in scenes where he really should have, there wasn't much of a 'leader' vibe and if not for the costume he just blends into the crowd.

The Thenadiers were another let-down; I think they focused too much on the 'comic' side of things (and went all-out hammy and overacted every line) and lost any menace that the characters carried.

Gee that sounds like a lot of negatives, but honestly I did enjoy the show overall and thought both Simon Gleeson and Hayden Tee were fantastic. In fact I enjoyed it enough that I plan to go again (circumstances permitting) when it comes to Sydney in March. I don't think there's any cast changes between now and then but perhaps after nine months of doing the show they'd develop their characters further.

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Re: Seeing Les Mis in Melbourne tonight!!!

Postby Acaila » Sun Jan 11, 2015 2:30 pm

Is it me, or is focusing on purely comedy over any menace when it comes to the Thenardiers very much a hallmark of the 25th anniversary production?
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Re: Seeing Les Mis in Melbourne tonight!!!

Postby 1886 » Sat Apr 18, 2015 11:45 am

You need to see Les Mis again, there has been many changes both minor nd major since you seen it in Melbourne, I have seen this production 12 times now and 3 just recently in Sydney, unfortunate when you saw it in Melbourne Hayden was ill and alot of the cast where, seet it again, Simon and Hayden are amazing together now.

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Re: Seeing Les Mis in Melbourne tonight!!!

Postby dnaylorau » Sun Jul 12, 2015 7:02 am

I have booked to see Les Mis in Sydney on the matinee of September 19th. I hope, so very much, that they have improved since the last time I saw it.

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