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Re: Favorite Song

Postby Morbidmuch_ » Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:29 pm

23623 wrote:Oh...haven't really thought about this. I don't think I have a “favorite” song because I love all of them! :oops:

I love A La Volonte du Peuple. I still sing the OFC lyrics by default. But in fact I love the Epilogue lyrics even better. I remember singing DYHTPS all the time when I just got into the fandom, but later I found the message in Epilogue more powerful and complicated. It's such a heartbreaking ending to a heartbreaking story, but meanwhile it brings so much hope! Also, La Faute A Voltaire, that's one of the main reasons I love OFC.

I like Marius' part in Red and Black because he's such a cutie! :P Marius' interaction with Éponine is quite adorable if the actors play it right. I also love Cosette's lines in In My Life. I'm probably the only fan of Castle on a Cloud in this fabdom, but yeah I like it. And of course, I SAW HIM ONCE. Rebecca sings like an angel on OLC. Never understand why the song got cut.

Fantine's death and Valjean's death have made me cry several times. So beautiful and so sad. I love the instrumental bits after Final Battle too but I always skip it when watching bootlegs. I've never seen any Enjolras dying on barricade. You know why? Because the background music is BRING HIM HOME of all songs they can use, and I can't help but think “if only Valjean could save them all!” :cry:

I like Castle on a Cloud aswell, escpecially in the 25th anniversary version. That kid is so gosh darn cute.
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