Comparisons of Translations

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Comparisons of Translations

Postby Amy3422 » Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:14 pm

This is a general thread to discuss the merits of different translations of Hugo's works. (I already posted my questions about this on the Toilers of the Sea thread, and I know there have been similar discussions about editions of Les Mis., so I apologize if this is redundant.)

I have a Guernsey Edition of Toilers of the Sea that seems to have come out soon after the original. It looks fantastic, but sadly, the book I have is only Volume 2. Should I go looking for Volume 1? Or should I just buy a different edition?

As well, if anyone has advice about which are the best written or most accurate translations of Hugo's other novels, such as L'Homme qui rit or Quatrevingt-treize, I would be grateful for that as well. I've previously only read the Norman Denny Les Mis. and the Walter J. Cobb Notre-Dame. I loved both of those, although I've heard that the Norman Denny Les Mis. has some bits missing.


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