A question about Combeferre's death

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A question about Combeferre's death

Postby morningstar1990 » Sat Sep 20, 2014 6:20 pm

As we all know, Combeferre was pierced by three bayonet-thrusts in the breast when he was lifting a wounded soldier. But I wouder who has killed him.
At first, I've read a Chinese translation of the brick in which the french words "un soldat blessé" had been translated into "shangyuan", which means "a wounded man". I took it for granted that Combeferre was helping one of his friends.
When I read Wilbour' translation, I found that Combeferre was lifting a wounded soldier and I realised that maybe he was trying to save his enemy when he was killed. I was a bit surprised. However, as a kind-hearted man, it is natural for Combeferre to help a wounded man, right? Actually, he was always helping the others at the barricade.
But...er, something terrible occured to me. Combeferre was thrusted in the breast, so the attacker and him should be face to face. So, was Combeferre killed by the right person who he was trying to help? I like Combeferre quite a lot and I don't want him to die so tragically... So sad.
What do you think that? Am I just bothering myself with something absurd?

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Re: A question about Combeferre's death

Postby Anonymous Axolotl » Sat Sep 27, 2014 10:23 pm

Morningstar, you have just killed my heart. I never thought of that.
Dust to dust,
ashes to ashes.
Halleluiah amen,
you are dismissed.

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