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Re: Your Admin is hurt and frustrated and requests your help...

Postby Marianne » Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:38 am

Last post before I go to bed, I swear.

I just want to clarify that most of the people here who are into research and who debate the Brick like Torah scholars are into it because we're geeks and amassing piles of information is what we do, not because it brings us closer to some mythical standard of accuracy or because accuracy = greatness. Unlike many other fandom specializations and niches, over-researching and over-analyzing canon and history brings up the issue of objective correctness... which is not what fandom is about, at all. I hope to God no one is in here to learn enough to play "Gotcha!" with fans who aren't as well-read, but more than that, you don't have to know the 1830 Revolution from my left asscheek to make meaningful contributions here. If you haven't read the book, you are not here on sufferance until you do the required reading, you're a full member of the forum. If your historical knowledge is nil and you can't tell Victor Hugo from Jules Verne, this is not something that has to be rectified unless you want it to be.

...I mean, if you want to share in the spoils of the Nerdy Fannish Research board, go to town. But if you're just here to show off artwork of dystopian sci-fi cyborg Javert, don't fucking apologize for not being able to rattle off the succession of French governments from 1789 to 1851 or for not giving him a historically-accurate hat, just post that artwork because sweet Jesus on a rollercoaster how cool is that.
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