Compliment Thread - Or The Love Train

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Compliment Thread - Or The Love Train

Postby Saint Jolras » Wed Dec 07, 2011 1:26 pm

Figured I'd start a new game for the forum. This is something we had on an old forum I used to go to and it was a big hit.

Rules are simple. Whomever wishes to post a reply, has to compliment the previous poster. The compliment can be anything you want, so long as it isn't backhanded. This is more of a 'feel good' sort of thread.

Since I'm starting it off, I'll compliment random people.

@Eppie Sue - I love your Thaxton worship! I intend to quietly follow your tumblr just for the awesome stuff on the guy.

@TCRegan - I love your tangents and enthusiasm for Les Mis. Your fics are always a bright spot in the day.

@Enjolras-the-Jaw - You always post the best links! TC shares her stuff with me from time to time and you seem to have a plethora of everything a fan could want.
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Re: Compliment Thread - Or The Love Train

Postby TCRegan » Wed Dec 07, 2011 1:31 pm

*bounces excitedly!!*

I'm kind of cheating here since you happen to be the love of my life. (D'aww, sappy) ;) That said.

I love that you're strong-willed and have unwavering opinions yet you take the time to appreciate and understand other peoples' as well. You're also better at starting more thought-provoking discussions than I ever could be, since I tend to just piggyback off what you state originally.

On a personal level, I love that your criticisms (fanfiction, mine in particular) are constructive and you avoid going, 'That SUCKS.' and not explaining why. You can be verbose, but it's so appreciated.

Thank you for encouraging me in everything that I do. <3
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Re: Compliment Thread - Or The Love Train

Postby Ravariel » Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:14 pm

TCRegan: I love how active you've become upon first joining the forum. So many new members hardly post anything (which is of course fine, if that's the way they want to interact) but I'm glad you feel comfortable here and that you don't have fear of what people think getting in the way of your posting fic/opinions/research/whatever!
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Re: Compliment Thread - Or The Love Train

Postby Enjolras-the-jaw » Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:16 pm

Ravariel, I love your role play thread, it had me laughing so much!

TC and Saint Jolras, I cannot thank you guys enough for editing and prompting me to write The Lady Doth Protest to Much in one day. Also your ideas for humor and alternate daydreams were as fun for me as I think they were for you. :D

Love this thread, It was a great idea (Oh look, another complement :D ),
At the end of the day, I dreamed a dream that whenever I was on my own in my life, I would hear the people sing with a heart full of love under the stars. Les Mis, I pledge allegiance to you.

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Re: Compliment Thread - Or The Love Train

Postby MmeFeuilly » Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:28 am

@Enjolras-the-jaw I love how you managed to get me to watch the entire Enjolras: Saint or Sinner after four or five failed attempts. I also love how you seem so generally cheerful, it makes me more happy. I also love how you are the same age as me, so my friends now have to stop calling Les Mis an old person thing (Appearently anyone over 15 is old.)
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Re: Compliment Thread - Or The Love Train

Postby Enjolras-the-jaw » Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:03 am

@Mme Feuilly: Well, it is one of my favorite pieces of comedy ever. And being 13 and having read the Brick is pretty awesome seeing as I reference you quite a lot to my friends! :D

I love that you love Joseph, as I do too! I went through a phase where I thought Donny Osmond could play Valjean, but I don't know about that anymore... I also love that you are a Amis Girl, as I am an Amis Boy! I love that you feel happy off of what I would call quirkiness (as I am really eccentric in real life), and that this makes people feel good! :lol:

Looking for someone out there who is not female (no offense, I just feel like the only male around here) :D ...
At the end of the day, I dreamed a dream that whenever I was on my own in my life, I would hear the people sing with a heart full of love under the stars. Les Mis, I pledge allegiance to you.

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Re: Compliment Thread - Or The Love Train

Postby MmeJavert » Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:07 pm

Enjolras-the-jaw wrote: I just feel like the only male around here) :D ...

You're not quite the only male around here. ;) There're eight or ten others that I know of who've been active at least at one point in the forum's history.
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Re: Compliment Thread - Or The Love Train

Postby Phan_in_Mizland » Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:49 pm

@Enjolras-the-Jaw: Thank you for being awsome. Just...thanks. You're the one of the few who know about Enjolras, Saint or Sinner and some of your funny posts are HILAR. So glad you're here

And for good measure:

@MmeJavert: You win at life. That is all.

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Re: Compliment Thread - Or The Love Train

Postby Enjolras-the-jaw » Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:49 am

After our semi-barricades 2 (as I have dubbed it), I'd like to try and amend the things that went down. Therefore, I'm going to do one big post for everyone who has commented on this forum.

@Saint Jolras: Thank you for your WONDERFUL comments about LotR/Mis comparison. You cannot comprehend how much joy I got from being able to show my very pro LotR but very anti-LM fan them and successfully get him to listen to one song (DYHtPS). Whenever someone helps my friends (of which most hate LM because I am so obsessed with it :oops: :mrgreen:) listen/tolerate Les Mis, I love that person!

@TC: I love your plethora of every piece of important 19th century knowledge. Whenever I try to explain something about Les Mis (for anyone who is willing to listen... and some who aren't :lol:), I find my self quoting something you wrote in a fic/research/Brick Meta/etc. Your stock hold of information seems to have no end! Also, you have a solid amount of Star Wars knowledge, which never fails to make me like someone! :D

@Ravariel: This will sound really forced and unappreciated, but I love how you comment on not just a few subjects, but just about all of them! Whenever MmeJavert can't be online, you always seem to be able to give the site a real anchor and spread yourself around so everyone can have your very valued opinion!

@Mme Feuilly: Thank you first of all for being my age so Les Mis is not an "Old guy thing"... That said, thank you for always being really nice and friendly, to me, new people, long time members... your mom: it doesn't matter who, you really always make people welcome! Don't think it goes unnoticed or undervalued by everyone!

@MmeJavert: I always have thought about how hard it must be to moderate an online community. It must be even harder to monitor one with Enjolraicly passionate Mizzies very set in their beliefs. Your ability to really live up to the "benevolent" in your title and not overuse the "Dictator" is something that never fails to amaze me. Thank you everything on this site!

@Phan_in_Mizland: You were one of the first people on this site who welcomed me, and, after that, we had about a month of going back and forth on the "Things I must not do on the Barricades" thread. Those first few weeks really made this place feel like an online wineshop (that is a complete compliment), or Rue Plumet (cause I can't spell the other one :mrgreen:) if you please, and I have felt really comfortable here ever since. Thank you for being incredibly kind to me when I first got here!
At the end of the day, I dreamed a dream that whenever I was on my own in my life, I would hear the people sing with a heart full of love under the stars. Les Mis, I pledge allegiance to you.

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Re: Compliment Thread - Or The Love Train

Postby AriadneIS » Fri Jun 22, 2012 2:27 pm

Sort of a post at everyone... but I have a lot of appreiation to give out!
@Mme Javert - Thank you thank you thank you for creating this place! You've done something wonderful for the fandom in general and everyone who posts here, and I hope you know that always.
@ Mlle_Alexandrie - First of all, thank you for being the first to welcome the new girl! It meant a lot. And thank you for just being generally funny and open and easy to talk to :)
@ Souslesetoiles - A big merci for everything you do to help me not make a fool of myself in french. :D I think I'm learning more than I have all school year... not that that's saying much...
@ Enjolras-the-jaw, Mme Feuilly, and anyone else who's 14 - We're not so alone after all! Except, of course, with our real-life friends... Here's to the non-oldness of Les Mis!

And finally, to everyone on the forum, for making me feel accepted and part of a group. I just joined, and I already seem to be 'into the family'. That, really, really means a lot to me, and I want to say that. Thank you to everyone here.


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Re: Compliment Thread - Or The Love Train

Postby Courgette » Fri Feb 01, 2013 5:04 pm

@AriadneIS - I don't even know but I know you're a wonderful person. So, thank you!!!

All of you, thank you for making me feel so welcome. My introduction thread has been filled with so many amazing messages. So, thank you so very much!!
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Re: Compliment Thread - Or The Love Train

Postby Enjolvert » Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:08 pm

No worries, it's always like that here. It's great that you've joined and it's great you've resurrected lots of old threads too so we can re-ignite lots of old discussion etc. Glad to have you here.
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Re: Compliment Thread - Or The Love Train

Postby AriadneIS » Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:19 pm

:oops: Aw, thank you Courgette. And like Enjolvert said, it's like that a lot here, and it's good to have you!

And, since I posted that old message in June, when half the people here weren't even here? I sort of want to update it. :lol: So get ready for a bunch of love for everyone from me.
To Alix - I meant it then, and I mean it now. :mrgreen:
To Zelle - for being Zelle - that is, clever and funny and generally awesome.
To Gervais - for being so good for a laugh, no matter what, and always having something to show us or make us smile. Wouldn't be the same without you.
To Bricklayer - for always having some wisdom that makes us think - it's a good quality to have. You have a lot to say. :mrgreen:
To Emjolras - for being such a driving force. You really are an Enjolras - it's quite admirable, how determined and certain you are. :mrgreen:
To Aurelia Combeferre - for always having the right thing to say, no matter what the situation, and for having all sorts of knowledge the rest of the fandom either forgot about or never knew.
To Marius. For all that you've done for me. And for being my friend.
To Mimi, Courgette, Pointless Star, inkrose, Improv-Ed, Acaila, each and every one of LNA, and anyone who's an Abaisser at all, who I might not have mentioned and who are all incredible people - I'm so glad to have met you. :mrgreen: All of you.

... And Ari is done being sappy and will shut up now. :oops:

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Re: Compliment Thread - Or The Love Train

Postby YoungStudentMarius » Sat Feb 02, 2013 12:13 am

Oh, yay, this is a good thread! :mrgreen: Aw, that's not sappy, Ari, it's sweet, and thank you. I've said it before and I'll say it again; you are truly welcome.

My turn, now. Since you were last, Ari-- Thank you for teaching me. Thanks for being there and, the same to you, thank you for being my friend. Truly.

Zelle! You are amazing and awesome and I really love your outlook on things. You have such a exquisite view of life and beauty and meaning and metaphors, and are a fantastic conversationalist as well, and I greatly enjoy talking with you. It's refreshing, certainly, to hear (well, read, I suppose) you speak, and think, truly think, and I feel like I learn a lot, and you're just such an amazing and sweet person, too, always kind to everybody.

My dear Gervais, you are incorrigible, and yet I really don't want you to change. :wink: Between "fun" and "fuuuuuuuuun," your brilliance and quirky, yet clever and charming way of things always makes me laugh, and your penchant for crazy projects and insanity is so much fun, no matter how much you torture me, because you're simply awesome, and shininess is the best. :mrgreen: And you're my long-lost-twin, of course.

Bricklayer-- You keep us on the ground. :wink: With logic, I mean. You have such interesting thoughts, and I really enjoy your input in all the discussions, especially the philosophical ones. And here's to being the two people who think Napoleon is cool! :mrgreen:

To Emily, or Emjolras, or Enjolras, or freedomlover, or rebel leader, or The One Who Builds Barricades, or any of the numerous things we call you that all mean the same thing... Your enthusiasm is wonderful, you're fun to talk to, and just generally sweet, but very, very focused, a phenomenal and rare thing. Enjolraic, I might say. :wink: You have a great sense of humor, and lots of joy that makes you fun to be around.

Aurelia! I will certainly second Ari about the knowledge. :shock: You know so much, and you're always willing to help, too, and that I greatly appreciate. You also share, and you're never patronizing or any of that, and you've got a great sense of humor and of the real world as well, and I'm glad that you're my friend.

And Alix, if you see this-- you are awesome. You should win a prize for awesomeness. Thanks for being the first person to tell me I "win." And for bringing me out of my shell a bit. :wink: I know well that's no easy task. :oops: And for being random and unique. And starting Les Nouveaux Amis, of course. We miss you.

Enjolvert, you too, thanks for talking and being generally awesome and fun to listen to. You have a great view of the deeper meaning of things, and bring a great point of view to the table in discussion.

And yes, to everyone else, Amy, Inkrose, Acalia, Grantaire, Mimi, Courgette, Mme Joly, and Elaine, Elaine,when are you coming backwe miss you, Elaine, and Armada, too, and Maria, and everyone, and I probably forgot someone and that's a terrible feeling, but know that it's most certainly on accident, and that I mean everyone, you're all just really, really awesome, and I'm so glad that I can be here and know you all and talk and laugh. :mrgreen: It's wonderful.

And I just rambled on forever, you have my apologies again, I'm really bad at that, so that's another thing I can thank you all for, putting up with my numerous rambles. :wink:
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Re: Compliment Thread - Or The Love Train

Postby Gervais » Sat Feb 02, 2013 12:48 am

*hops on the train* *while possibly grinning like a fool**and while possibly feeling a bit teary*

Marius, thank you for being nice to anyone and everyone. Everyone here is great, but you definitely helped at least this one as a new kid feel more welcome. Thank you for allowing us to corrupt you, too. :wink: Your random research tangents are amazing, long-lost twin.

Ari, thank you for being so sweet, and caring, and just there for everyone. Again, thank you for helping a newbie be welcomed, too.

Enjolvert, thank you for starting and keeping up so many interesting conversations, especially in the Brick section, and for helping some of us see the deeper side of things.

Courgette, like Enjolvert said, thank you for keeping up and reviving so many interesting topics, including this one. I haven't had a chance to speak with you too much, but you seem an interesting and smart person.

MmeJavert, thank you, thank you, Thank You for Abaisse. It's become an centerpiece of the fandom, I believe, and rightfully so.

To the previous posters in this thread, thank you for starting it, even though I don't think I've gotten to "meet" any of you. :oops:

Elaine, if you see this, thank you for Lisette, helping to roll welcome wagon, and just being an amazing person.

Alix, Zelle, Emily, Amy, Bricklayer, Aurelia, inkrose, Acalia, Grantaire, everyone else: I'm sorry I'm grouping you all together when you all deserve individual entries, but I'm already going on a bit more than I probably should already. :oops: Every one of you on ABC are amazing people and have contributed so much to people's knowledge of Les Miz, revolutionaries, France...Major thanks to all of you.

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