How has Les Misérables changed your life?

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How has Les Misérables changed your life?

Postby LauraLeZunzu » Wed Oct 16, 2013 11:40 pm

Everyone of us is here because we like Les Mis and that is obvious, but... how much it changed our lives? In wich ways?
It can be the musical, the film, and the most obvious, the book itself; or the three of them. We all know when we love one of them we end up loving every kind of Les Misérables because it's never enough :mrgreen:
So, I'll start... it actually changed my life, and not in a teenage sense; it made me an adult person, a cultured person. I watched the Tom Hooper's movie by a casualty. I didn't even feel much like going to watch it, but... thanks god I did!
I came out shocked from the movie. Of course I watched it again and decided I had to read the book immediately (I didn't even know about the book before that... :lol: ). And here comes the point when my life was changed- when I read the book I started to see things differently. My political view, my knowledge about the world, all became more questionable than ever. I always has question everything, but not from that point of view, not really.
After finishing Les Misérables I started reading political and thought books (and in this you Abaisse forum did much), starting with the Manifesto, then the Social Contract, after that Maquiavelo, and now with Montesquieu. And I remember a teacher saying about all this "how much can make a movie", and that made me happy (want to be a filmmaker). So actually Les Mis helped me to be more sure about my future desired carreer; made me a better person (maybe, that's what I think); and has made a complete change on me, wanting to read Illustration books, wanting to actually listen to the geniuses of the past before taking an strong position in the present. Also, I went to some sort of stuff that made me unhappy, and still a little, and Les Mis helped me through that. And still helping, actually.
I guess I could be more clear about the change when the change was over, but I think it is not yet, or at least it is so recent, so I can only add that I feel different. I remember how I thought before this March, and it seems like long time ago and that now many doors are opened that weren't before. It's like more difficult but better, you know?
And I'm glad I can comment stuff about Les Mis in here because people I know haven't read Les Mis, so it could be a little frustating not being able to talk about Les Mis and Hugo. So thanks to you too (: And here I learnt a lot about how to discuss properly... and english, by the way :mrgreen:
Your turn now :wink:

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Re: How has Les Misérables changed your life?

Postby Aurelia Combeferre » Thu Oct 17, 2013 12:32 am

The succinct answer would be: "It's made the past seven years worthwhile." Almost seven years to the day, I began reading the book: abridged copy first, then the unabridged out of sheer curiosity.

On a superficial level, it's become part of my more famous personality quirks: it's always, "Oh and Les Mis is one of Relly's favorite things, you can talk to her about that," or "That song is from Les Mis....RELLY! What are the lyrics??"

Getting this much into fandom, Victor Hugo's work, and learning about the history and context of things has colored my intellect permanently with an interest in political philosophy, details about history, some classical Greek myth, and a newfound appreciation for symbolism. It's also colored my writing forever. I was a sociopolitical writer even before reading "Les Misérables", but since reading the book I've been taking it to new degrees. And of course there's all the fanfiction I've turned out over the years but that's another story.

I will always say that this book was one of my game-changers in life. I was 17 when I first read the book, around the same age as the character of Éponine. I was never as destitute or down and out, but I understood how it felt to be off-kilter, desperate, running out of resources, a little estranged from family, plagued with a strange moral compass, and to have an almost consuming infatuation with someone else. I saw what I was inadvertently becoming, so I took a cue from some other characters and basically fought my way through the circumstances of my life then. This was around the time when I was doing my first fics for this fandom, so there's one story there that is actually my 'emotional diary' of those days, in a sense. Along the way I learned to fight for and alongside others. I'd learned to believe in possibility and in the inherent good towards a struggle for ideal. It's been a theme since then.

I've returned to reading the book at various junctures of my life, learning new things each time and having stories resonate differently. It's helped me consolidate and verbalize some of the things I hope and dream about----and given me the impetus again to go after them. Which is why I'm in medical school. It drives me to *live*----to get past the age of 30 and actually continue changing the world, to explore life post-revolution, to work for some lasting good.

Funny what comes from reading a novel that at first, I'd sworn to hate. But the year was 2006, the world was 'going to hell', and little did I know that there was a book under my desk that would permanently change my life story.
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Re: How has Les Misérables changed your life?

Postby FortressDoor » Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:24 pm

My story begins, as many of you may know, at the beginning of this year when I went to watch the 2012 movie (Thinking that a Brit's 2 main enemies in life, French people and Monarchists, would die). I wasn't even aware there would be singing.

I left the movie with Do you hear the people sing stuck in my head, given that it was repeated 2 or 3 times, so I youtubed it when I got home. Important as if I hadn't done that the movie would been and passed as another meh movie along with the hundreds of others I watched (Note: This is not to say Les Misérables was a bad movie, just one that I didn't really watch for the right reasons and with the right context)

The music helped me overcome some severe depression I had several months ago, and ON MY OWN was a song that related to me very much at the time. The song managed to teach me the destructive ways of clinging on to failed romances and eventually I managed to overcome the depression

Similarly to Laura, after reading Les Misérables I began to read more into politics, I read Voltaire, War and Peace and the prince just to name a few. Les Mis has influence my politics somewhat.
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Re: How has Les Misérables changed your life?

Postby Je suis obsédé 24601 » Tue Jan 14, 2014 1:59 am

Well, it has given me something to look forwards to (on my bus that I hate), and it has strengthened my friendships with all my friends that love Les Mis. (: It has also given me things to talk about with my grandparents, who introduced me to it.

So whenever I am alone, and acting for no apparent reason, I almost always use Les Mis characters, and/or plot. I don't have any idea as to why I do that, but it is really fun 'cause I get to play all of the characters :D
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Re: How has Les Misérables changed your life?

Postby thedeadareright » Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:03 am

Well for one thing it is more or less single-handedly responsible for my obsession with 19th century French history, which means that I know more about that than I ever learned in my European history class. It also means that I have music from the musical stuck in my head 99% of the time. I also like that it made me pay more attention to how many of the themes that are relevant in Les Misérables are still relevant today.

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Re: How has Les Misérables changed your life?

Postby futuremarius » Sat May 24, 2014 7:42 pm

It's gong to be my first paying acting gig when we return our production for the whole month of September 6 months after closing a week long run that sold out 3 weeks before hand. with full licensing just been granted. this has already gotten me a job offer for another company in the capital which is producing saigon in concert form in a large concert hall to celebrate its reopening across the pond!

On a lighter note the westend eurovision performance just cheered me up loads after beeing down for a month.

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Re: How has Les Misérables changed your life?

Postby Grantaires_Bottle » Tue May 27, 2014 8:33 pm

Well it all started 4 years ago. I remember the day like it was yesterday. My teacher said that we were beginning the chapter about the French Revolution. I have always loved political movements and revolution, but something touched me with the French Revolution, especially the June revolution. We then watched the old black and white les mis and I was captivated. I went out right away and read the brick. I went out and watched the play with a friend in a local theatre. I was then their opening night for the les mis movie. I will admit I cried like in most of the movie. Now for the life changing bit, that was only backstory. Well, I have always wanted to be an actor and performer. I only dreamed of being in the play, but a friend of mine said she was in a performance and they still needed guys to be support roles and extras. I know all the words to Grantaire's lines already, and I'm an okay singer. I showed up, auditioned and got the part. This was a start to it all. Our director know a lot of people and we got to meet Richard Woodford, a guy who played both Javert and Grantaire on the west end. Him and I had a long conversation about my dream of being an actor. He told me that if your only kind of sure about it or it's really just a fun hobby acting isn't for you, but if you love it and you only feel truly alive when your performing, then this is for you and go for it with everything you have. That was the life changing moment for me, that les mis changed my life. I put everything I had into this show, I have applied to a performing arts college and I will fulfil my dream, all because my incredible love for les mis.
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Re: How has Les Misérables changed your life?

Postby The Bricklayer » Mon Jun 02, 2014 6:10 pm

I saw my future high school's production and loved the show. It rekindled my love of musical theater that had begun to die down. Now, I'm happily at the aforementioned high school and participating in theater there, and though other shows pass into my top 10 and then leave, Les Mis is always my #1. Reading the book is something I consider my greatest accomplishment.
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Re: How has Les Misérables changed your life?

Postby Aveline » Fri Feb 20, 2015 2:20 pm

Because I saw Les Mis I started to learn french. I think it's the best choice in my life.

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Re: How has Les Misérables changed your life?

Postby macko88 » Sun Mar 22, 2015 5:49 pm

When I read it, I wanted more and more from French literature. And now I love this literature. Before I prefer Polish, Russian, American... But I saw that French book are wonderful. "Les Misérables" - it's a story about love, soul, and God and strong which every human has.

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Re: How has Les Misérables changed your life?

Postby teddy_b » Wed Apr 08, 2015 3:17 pm

I love literature. The whole literature changed my life actually, not only this one piece ;)

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Re: How has Les Misérables changed your life?

Postby LadyLand » Tue Sep 08, 2015 1:58 pm

I started to learn French, because of Les Mis.

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