Les Mis Purity Quiz

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Re: Les Mis Purity Quiz

Postby Rachel » Wed Jun 19, 2013 10:50 pm

Brick – Find the Abaisse post that contains your most indepth and insightful analysis of the Brick and link to it. Score out of 5 points.

I can't find any, really, but my unnecessary death post? It looks long.


Musical - Choose your favourite main character. Rank your top five performers in the role, giving reasons for each. Score out of 5 points. I don't feel qualified for this yet, but I am hopefully getting there.

I made an entire thread about this! But my opinions have changed.

5. Jamie Davis, London 2010. He's adorable, and he's a Gavroche who wasn't cast too young! Yippee! Anyway, it's clear that he can handle Gavroche, and he does so with the charm and the smarts that Gavroche has. He's not a Gavroche that makes you go, "oh, he's cute" he's a performer who makes you suspend your disbelief and think he is Gavroche. And he's not boring to watch!

4. Daniel Huttlestone. We all saw the movie. We all know he's awesome. He's awesome. He's genuinely menacing and smart, but you can see the goodness of his heart below it. Did I mention he's awesome?

3. Adam Searles. Oh goodness, he's so charming. I'd follow him. And he's got the charisma of Gavroche that made everyone fall in love with him. Sure, his charisma isn't as immediately noticeable as Enjolras' or Combeferre's, but it's there and that's why he's a fan favourite. You can tell he just wants to be considered a proper revolutionary and not a kid.

2. Nipomo High School's Gavroche. Don't tell me that Gavroches have an excuse for not being good or that schools can't have good productions, because you don't understand how awesome this kid is. You can see how he survived on the streets for so long, and you do get that tough impression from him, but also one of warmth. He has the charm of Gavroche, but he's not naïve or oblivious. He knows he's been cheated by the rich, and by us, even, and you can hear real anger in his voice when he sings.

1. Oh God, this one was so hard. Fabrice Bernard. OFC. La Faute A Voltaire. Need I say more?

Film – Pick a film adaptation of your choice and name the five greatest crimes against Hugo committed in it. Score out of 5 points.


1. Including Toussaint... But having Cosette pull a gun on her! Cosette! The epitome of all that's good! Who wrote this script?

2. Éponine telling Marius she'll find the address if he sleeps with her. He agrees. I think we can all puke together here. Leave OOC!Marius, Cosette! Grab your gun and go!

3. Gavroche doesn't age? That's the whole point! That he will and that his happiness as an urchin is temporary! That the poverty and oppression he lives in will destroy his innocence and ruin him! GRRR.

4. Courfjolras? Well, credit where credit is due, it's an original combination...

5. Thénardier PDA. In front of the kids. Gross.

Fandom – Summarise what you think are the five biggest contributions to Les Mis fandom you have made. Score out of 5 points.

Um... Uh... I graced you all with my presence?

Obsession – Tell us the most embarrassingly nerdy story of your Les Mis obsession. Score out of 5 points.

On Barricade Day, I was drawing on the whiteboard in one of my classes and people asked me what I was doing. I told them that it was the anniversary of Les Mis, and they asked me what it was actually about. I ended up acting it out. Highlights include:

-Terrible, terrible Who Am I
-"Cosette! I'm sorry! I'm going to die now because shockingly our mayor stole some bread! AN ENTIRE LOAF! Oh, my God, Javert, just go and-" *dies*
-"I'm the personification of light and happiness and am not evil or a bitch or an airhead." ~Cosette, book never.
-*dies while shooting dramatically*
-*pulls off hoodie and jumps of table waving it while screaming "VIVE LA FRANCE!"

Part two is complete!

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Re: Les Mis Purity Quiz

Postby 23623 » Thu Apr 27, 2017 1:09 pm

Did a search for information about the 1982 French movie adaptation and this thing popped up. Might as well do it...though I know it's an old thing, sorry. :D

Have you read the unabridged book?
- Yes
Have you read more than one translation of the book?
- YES! English and my native language. :D
Do you have a self-annotated copy of the book?
- No. I only read ebook.
Do you own a vintage copy of the Brick?
- No but I wish I did.
Do you own or have access to all of the translations?
- No but I wish I did.
Have you read the book in the original French?
- No but I wish I did.
Have you ever read Cosette or another spinoff?
- There are spinoffs?!
Do you laugh at the sight of pears?
- No.
Can you remember at least three words of argot?
- Yes but not in English. :oops:
Do you cry at the book?
- OMG YES. I don't even dare to confess how hard I cried at Fantine's chapters. :cry:
Have you ever tried to explain a Hugolian pun to someone who’s never read the Brick?
- Yes.
Do you quote favourite lines from the Brick in French by default?
- Yes and no? I know "Il dort. Quoique le sort fut pour lui bien etrange, Il vivait. Il mourut quand il n'eut plus son ange. La chose simplement d'elle-meme arriva, comme la nuit se fait lorsque le jour s'en va" and "La dégradation de l’homme par le prolétariat, la déchéance de la femme par la faim, et l’atrophie de l'enfant par la nuit" but they aren't my favorite lines.
Does your copy of the Brick fall open at a chapter that is particularly important to you?
- Unfair question, I only read ebook! :(
Can you identify the difference between translations without looking up the translator?
- No.
Do you have strong opinions on the difference between translations?
- No.
Have you read the apocrypha of draft material that didn't make it to the final novel?
Do you know which translation has an extra barricade boy survive?
- What? :shock:
Can you name the real life inspirations for five or more characters?
- Yes.
Have you read another Hugo novel?
- Yes.
Have you read another Hugo novel that isn’t Notre-Dame de Paris?
- Yes.

Have you seen the musical on stage?
- No. :cry: :cry: :cry:
Have you seen a professional production of the musical on stage?
- NO.
Have you seen more than one professional production (i.e. by different directors) of the musical on stage?
Have you seen the musical more than five times?
- ...
Have you seen the musical more than twenty times?
- In my dreams, yes.
Have you stagedoored after a performance?
- I stagedoor after all the shows I go to but NONE of them was Les Mis. (I did meet some Les Mis alumni though!)
Do you own a video of one of the anniversary concerts?
- Yes.
Did you attend one of the anniversary concerts?
- Look, I wasn't yet born when TAC happened and I didn't even know what Les Mis was when 25AC happened, so...
Do you own one of the official musical recordings?
- Yes.
Do you own an official musical recording in a language other than your own?
- There isn't an official recording in my language yet.
Do you own more than five official recordings?
- Yes.
Do you own all of the official recordings?
- No.
Have you gone to see another musical/play/concert because of an actor from Les Mis?
- Yes.
Do you possess an unofficial recording?
- Yes.
Do you possess more than 10?
- Yes.
Do you possess more than 100?
- *goes off to count* OMG YES! Currently I have 139 (video + audio). I feel pretty surprised too to be honest. :shock:
Do you know every single lyric in the current version of musical?
- No, I'm afraid.
Do you still sing the CSR lyrics by default?
- Yes.
Can you sing an entire song from the Original French version in French?
- Yes, more than one actually. And I can sing the entire musical in Spanish plus some songs in German...
Have you seen live or purchased a recording of another B&S musical because of Les Mis?
- Er...no. Not a huge fan of Miss Saigon actually, and I don't know what other musicals they've written.


Have you seen the musical movie (2012/2013)?
- That's the thing that dragged me into this fandom.
Did you see the musical movie more than 5 times at the cinema?
- I didn't watch it in the cinema to begin with, and no.
Did you attend a showing of the movie in Les Mis themed attire?
- Now I wish I did.
Do you have a copy of the shooting script?
- I think so. Somewhere in my computer...
Have you seen Shoujo Cosette?
- I only picked death scenes but wasn't impressed. Still I think that's a yes?
Have you seen Les Miseranimals?
- What's this?
Have you seen the 2000 (Depardieu/Malkovich) miniseries?
- No.
Have you seen the 1998 (Neeson/Rush) movie?
- No and I don't want to.
Have you seen the 1995 (Belmondo) film?
- No.
Have you seen the 1982 (Lino Ventura) version?
- Yes!
Have you seen the 1978 (Jordan/Perkins) film?
- No.
Have you seen the 1957 (Gabin/Blier) movie
- No.
Have you seen the 1952 (Rennie/Newton) film?
- No.
Have you seen the 1947 I Miserabili (Cervi/Hinrich) film?
- No.
Have you seen the 1935 (March/Laughton) film?
- No.
Have you seen the 1934 (Baur/Vanel) film?
- No.
Have you seen another film not on this list?
- Yes.
Do you have to watch film adaptations alone so that you don’t annoy others with incessant commentary?
- Yes.
Have you imported a DVD from another country for the purposes of watching one?
- No.
Have you listened to a radio/audio adaptation?
- No.


Do you post on Abaisse?
- Yes. :D
Did you post on Le Café?
- Did I post on...what?
Did you read The Barricade?
- What's this?
Do you have a Les Mis related tumblr URL?
- I don't have a tumblr...
Do you read Les Mis fanfiction?
- No.
Do you write Les Mis fanfiction?
- No.
Have you written a prompt on the kink meme?
- Have I written...what?
Have you written a fill on the kink meme?
- Can I skip this part...
Have you read Christian Caron?
Have you finished it?
Have you read A Wasps’ Nest?
Have you read fanfic by Marianne?
Have you read fanfic by Colonel Despard?
Have you read fanfic by TheHighestPie?
Have you read fanfic by MmeBahorel?
Have you read fanfic by AMarguerite?
Have you read fanfic by LesMisLoony?
Have you published fanart on the internet?
Have you made money out of fanart or other fan creations?
- Ok let me just skip this. No.
Have you ever got involved in a shipping argument?
- Er...I guess yes? Once converted an E/E shipper into a M/E shipper, does that count? :lol:


Have you played Arm Joe?
- What's this?
Have you visited a Les Mis site in France?
- No.
Have you cosplayed a Les Mis character to a public event? (full costume rather than vaguely reminiscent pieces)
- No.
Have you identified intentional Les Mis references in other media?
- No.
Do you wear an item of official Les Mis merchandise in public?
- No.
Have you read academic literature in the name of Les Mis research?
- Yes.
Have you read academic literature in another language in the name of Les Mis research?
- Yes.
Have you written an academic piece of work on Les Mis (any version)?
- Yes. An essay about the musical, a report about the book itself, lots of Spanish class assignments...
Have you named an inanimate real life object after a Les Mis character?
- No.
Have you named a living thing after a Les Mis character?
- I name pokemons after Les Mis characters...
Do you celebrate (or otherwise mark) Barricade Day?
- No.
Do you have a musical dreamcast from several different eras that includes understudies?
- Not from different eras (heck, I have nothing from the 80s and only a few from the 90s) but in different languages. :oops:
Can you hold a conversation in French?
- Non. Je ne parle pas francais mais je sais lire...et ecrire. *shrugs* Well, that sucks.
Do you have a Les Mis ringtone set on your phone?
- No. Because Tanz der Vampire is a much better choice for that. :wink:
Do you have particular habits that govern the way you appreciate Les Mis? (e.g. never listening to the finale outside a theatre, reading in a certain order)
- Yes. I skip drink with me, final battle, turning, wedding, and finale.
Is your career/major influenced by your love of Les Mis?
- No.
When faced with a difficult decision or situation, do you determine your best course of action by thinking "what would [character] do?"
- No. But thinking of them does give me the courage to carry on!
Do you have a crush on a character in Les Mis despite their fictional nature?
- No.
Do you consider an appreciation of Les Mis to be an essential thing in a significant other?
- No.
Do you have a Les Mis themed tattoo?
- No.

Extra credit
Choose your favourite main character. Rank your top five performers in the role, giving reasons for each. Score out of 5 points.
My favorite character is actually Valjean but I just realized that I don't really know who my top fives are now. :shock: So let me do this with Javert
1. Philip Quast because he's Philip Quast.
2. Miguel del Arco from 1993 Spanish production because no one, not even Quast, has ever made me cry so hard (If you haven't listened to his Suicide, DO IT NOW!)
3. Earl Carpenter because of A++ acting even though I don't like his voice.
4. Roger Allam (is this the correct spelling?) because I like OLC confrontation and I HATE it that in later productions Javert just gets scarier and scarier. :x I like "softer" Javerts so much better!
5. Christian Müller because of nostalgia (hey this is a legitimate reason 8) ). The first Javert that I actually liked after discovering Quast.
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