Favourite Slash Pairing?

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Re: Favourite Slash Pairing?

Postby Acaila » Mon Oct 28, 2013 10:26 pm

I have still never forgiven RTD for the idea he put out there of the Master being dragged along in the TARDIS, only to have Lucy shoot him in a fantastically clumsy Status-Quo-Is-God piece of nonsense. The amount of glee in my little slashy heart at that point suddenly turning to ash :evil:.

I have memories of little bits of Pertwee from the dim and distant past, but have probably not seen all that many full serials, so I have warm fuzzies of him from short snappy moments, but I don't really remember Delgado from that. I need to have a proper run at 1-3 really, because I've only done odd stories here and there, compared to the later Doctors when I tended to binge on stories with companions that I liked. The bit that bores me solid is the time in the Five/Six era when they started doing 45 minute episodes. It works in the new series, but not in the Classic one for me. Still never managed to make it through Resurrection of the Daleks.

...I now need to go and see the Time Monster. :shock: I mean, that is downright obvious!
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Re: Favourite Slash Pairing?

Postby CeridwenLynne » Tue Oct 29, 2013 1:13 pm

Oops. I wasn't aware that by slash you mean gay! :oops: I thought slash meant any pairing that was definitely non canon.

My favorite slash pairing is Enjolras/Combeferre if we are talking Les Mis.
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Re: Favourite Slash Pairing?

Postby Rachel » Sun Apr 09, 2017 5:12 pm

*pokes thread*

Why do you think that in fanfiction, we see het and slash, but very rarely like... slash with women? Femslash? Is it that fandom is mostly made up of straight girls? Is it the lack of complex female characters in media? Are those relationships just less interesting? It's something I've become really curious about.

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