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Character Sketches

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:25 pm
by TheRandomPhangirl
New art thread! Mainly because a lot of what I'm drawing at the moment are busts or portraits of characters instead of full scale pieces.

Éponine (observant people will notice that this is also my icon now :P )

gavroche#.jpg (68.57 KiB) Viewed 1338 times

Two different Enjolrati
enjolras.jpg (62.13 KiB) Viewed 1338 times

enjolras front.jpg
enjolras front.jpg (24.58 KiB) Viewed 1338 times

Re: Character Sketches

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:03 am
by CC21106
Love it! Especially Éponine.

Re: Character Sketches

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 7:57 pm
by Prisoner 24653
Oh wow, these are fantastic! :D

Re: Character Sketches

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 11:08 pm
by CC21106
For some reason :D Enjolras in color looks a lot like you.

Re: Character Sketches

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:38 am
by Dacker
I really like your art style, you're talented. I especially like Éponine, no wonder you made it your avatar.