Les misérables advent calendar

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Les misérables advent calendar

Postby Trompe-la-Mort » Sun Dec 30, 2012 1:01 pm

A few days too late, but so what...

I've been making my own advent calendars for about ten years now and this one was quite a bit of work six years ago. Which is why I recycle it every year. It follows the life of Jean Valjean in 24 stations (leaving out his death, because who wants to open a grave on Dec 24th?) and since the order should be obvious, the houses are not numbered. I honestly tried to do it in scale, but failed miserably. I upload this now, because recently the sixth person has asked to see pictures... So here goes:

An overview:
http://trompelamort1989.deviantart.com/ ... a_recent=1

Faverolles (Nr. 1 and 2):
http://trompelamort1989.deviantart.com/ ... 8268&qo=14

Toulon (3 and 13):
http://trompelamort1989.deviantart.com/ ... a_recent=1

Digne (4 and 5):
http://trompelamort1989.deviantart.com/ ... 8268&qo=12

The bishop's house and garden (5):
http://trompelamort1989.deviantart.com/ ... 8268&qo=11

Montreuil (6 - 10 and 12):
http://trompelamort1989.deviantart.com/ ... 8268&qo=10

The police station and prison (10):
http://trompelamort1989.deviantart.com/ ... a_recent=1

The court-house in Arras (11):
http://trompelamort1989.deviantart.com/ ... 68268&qo=8

The forest (14):
http://trompelamort1989.deviantart.com/ ... 68268&qo=7

Au Sergeant de Waterloo (15):
http://trompelamort1989.deviantart.com/ ... 68268&qo=6

Overview of Paris (16-24):
http://trompelamort1989.deviantart.com/ ... 68268&qo=5

Petit-Picpus (17). Apart from the bell tower, all buildings can be opened. This is simply because in the year I made it, I thought that the first day of Chanukkah was the 17th (it was actually the 16th, but I noticed too late...)
http://trompelamort1989.deviantart.com/ ... 68268&qo=4

Close-up of the house on the rive gauche (16, 18, 19):
http://trompelamort1989.deviantart.com/ ... 68268&qo=3

Close-up of the barricade (21):
http://trompelamort1989.deviantart.com/ ... 68268&qo=2

Gillenormand's house (23):
http://trompelamort1989.deviantart.com/ ... 68268&qo=1

Façade of Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis (24 of course):
http://trompelamort1989.deviantart.com/ ... 68268&qo=0

And now that Christmas is over it goes back into the cupboard for next year... :wink:
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Re: Les misérables advent calendar

Postby Gervais » Sun Dec 30, 2012 8:29 pm


That is possibly the best Advent calendar I've seen. *applauds* I understand why you would want to keep reusing it... :shock: :mrgreen:

And seeing the Orion probably made my day. :mrgreen:

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