Untitled. PG13 ish?

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Untitled. PG13 ish?

Postby Inspector Karamazov » Sat May 30, 2009 5:33 pm

So I haven't started writing it yet. (I'll start later...) And I never write fanfiction. I don't even LIKE fanfiction. But the plot bunnies have struck.
I'm going to write a Crime and Punishment/Les Mis crossover!!! Thingeh...

After his jump in the river, Inspector Javert finds himself magically transported to Russia. He is just in time to witness the murder of two old ladies, and takes it upon himself to track the murderer and bring him to justice!
(even though he doesn't speak Russian. That might make the job a bit difficult...)

Sound ludicrous/stupid/nerdy?
Oh yes.

But I'm going to torture you with it anyway. Bewaaaaaareeee. :twisted:
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