Scrum Boys (AU)

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Scrum Boys (AU)

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DISCLAIMER: I own nothing. Francesca is my own character. Mody owns himself, and Ackerman is me.


An original fic idea by Pontmercy for President

A/N: Les Amis are generally passive when physical contact is involved. That being said, I have taken our beloved students and placed them in a modern day full contact men’s rugby league. I am going to give fair warning that this may seem like a Mary Sue in the making but it is NOT.

Chapter 1 “As Close As Brothers”

It was their first time out on the pitch. They were probably rather nervous. The team ended up with a good turnout and there were a variety of men of different sizes and abilities. Nine of those men, all friends, as close as brothers, were about to discover that their bond was strong enough to ward off an army. (Well maybe not an army, but you get the point.)

Jehan, the youngest of those nine men, was generally quite passive, along with Marius, and surprised everyone when he signed up to play rugby. Jehan was a nice looking man who was just barley out of his teen. His “partner in crime”, if you will, Marius Pontmercy was also quite young. Marius and Jehan were only 2 years apart yet Jehan looked several years older than Marius, who still looked like he was just a boy. Marius had short curly hair, and chubby cheeks with a deep dimple on either side. The two of them were near inseparable and it showed.

Amadeus Jaques Enjolras, one of the older of the nine friends, was a handsome man with light blond hair and a broad chest. A perfect figure, that of a true leader. And a leader he was. He and André Combeferre had known each other as for as long as they could remember. They had always been friends and when they had met Marius, they had taken a liking to the boy. Most of the friends went by their surnames except for Jehan, Marius, and Enjolras. Everyone called Enjolras “EJ” because new people usually couldn’t pronounce his name.

The other friends came from different parts of the area and didn’t know each other so well, everyone except Courfeyrac. EVERYONE knew Marcus Courfeyrac. He had a reputation as being quite the ladies man. When the other guys told him that sex before sports was a bad thing and that they would be playing everyday except Sundays, he about had a heart attack! Most people called him Courfeyrac, Couf, or ‘Fracy. Anyone who called him ‘Fracy usually got pummeled.

The next two most known of the friends were Patrick Joly and Philip Bahorel. Joly was a medical student and a hypochondriac. Nobody could figure out why he decided to play. Bahorel, on the other hand, was a decent sized guy. He and Joly were about joined at the hip.

The two loners of the nine friends, Feuilly and Lesgles, were not very close to any of the other men, but then trusted them all the same. Feuilly was an orphan and he was raising his younger sister who was only 10. Feuilly was only 23 and had been raising himself and his sister since he was 15. The nine friends all helped to raise Feuilly’s sister though and they all knew that she had a “crush” on Combeferre. She was the only person who called him André. She was also the only one who called Feuilly by his first name, Alfons and Courfeyrac Marcus. She was also the only one who could call Courfeyrac ‘Marky’. Her name was Francesca Feuilly. She was like everyone’s little sister. Even she was surprised when Jhean joined the team.

There they all were standing on the pitch in their shorts and huge socks, being addressed by their coaches. There were two primary coaches, Coach Mody and Coach Javert, and one assistant coach, Coach Ackerman, the only female coach in the league. The coaches had instructed every man to find a tackling partner so Enjolras and Bahorel buddied up, Combeferre and Feuilly buddied up, Jhean went with Lesgles, and Marius went with Courfeyrac. Marius had never hit anyone in his life and he was a little bit shorter than Courfeyrac, but a good 15 to 20 lbs heavier. Due to this, Marius was apprehensive about tackling his friend. “Couf, I don’t want to hurt you. I am bigger than you.” Marius worriedly said. “Marius, you won’t hurt me. Don’t make me call you ‘Mary’.” Courfeyrac retorted. Marius hated it when Courfeyrac called him Mary. “Mary, Mary, Mary, still afraid little Mary.” Courfeyrac taunted Marius until he got so fed up that he let out what sounded like “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” and charged at Courfeyrac. Everyone heard Marius’ “war cry” and stopped what they were doing to watch Marius run at Courfeyrac and Courfeyrac start running away. Everyone cringed when Marius hit Courfeyrac and took him down. Everyone heard Courfeyrac say “Marius, GET YOUR FAT ASS OFF OF ME!” and Marius reply “That’s for calling me Mary!” Only no one understood what he said because of his mouth guard. Francesca laughed, a lot.

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