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Hello everybody!

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I would like to post the bios of my fan fiction character,Isabelle Pontmercy.

[Isabelle Pontmercy doesn't exist in Les Misérables,so she's a fantastic character.I made her just because i thought something was missing and for me Cosette and Éponine(really great characters) weren't just enough for the story.So,here some information for Belle.]


Isabelle grows up without having her real parents beside her.Her mother's maid,Marie,raises her alone in a quite big house in Paris.No one knows her existance.Bell stopped school and started having lessons at home because Marie had to work for living.So Monsieur Pier,her teacher starts working with Belle at home.Because of him,Isabelle learned how to speak in french,english,italian,greek and latin.She wanted to be a doctor.Why?Simple...just to help people by offering her servises.At the age of 20,she finds out from a letter that her real parents are dead and that she has a brother called Marius.She will never forget what her mother wrote in the letter:<<You have a brother.His name is Marius!You have to find him!He really needs you..>>.Since that day,Isabelle is searching for Marius.In this search,she starts discovering the world alone without Marie because she also died.As the years pass,Belle joins Les Amis de l'ABC and becomes friend with everyone especially Apollo Enjolras because he really expresses her and she admires his spirit.Who knows how is this going to end?Will she find someone to love and have a response to her <<amour>> ?Will she survive in revolution...?Well...we'll see...


Even though,Isabelle didn't have her real parents beside her,she grows up as a very kind and friendly person.She loves helping people who need her but the most important thing is that she's always ready to risk even her life to save her friends,familly,all...She's not afraid of death.She's dedicated to France,dedicated to people,dedicated to cause.Another thing you have to know is that Belle loves children that's why she has Gavroche in her keeping.At early age,she was with Gavroche like brother and sister but now she's considered to be his mother.A bad thing about Isabelle is that she trusts people easy,of course she's not stupid but a little naive.

Isabelle and her relationship with others:


For Isabelle,she's considered to be her mother.She raised her,she helped her to become what she is now.Very important to Belle.When she died,the girl was really in depression for a lot of moths.Fortunaly,her passion to be a doctor and the foreign languages,made her forget a little this death.She still had Gavroche to look after,so she had to be alright.


Their relationship starts when Belle met this gamin in the streets.He was 3 years old then.She told Marie to take him and so it was.At first,Gavroche was like the little brother of Belle but growing up,Isabelle felt like she's his mother.So when Marie died,Belle didn't leave him and took him in her keeping.Gavroche feels protected with Belle beside him and she's like his mother now.


Belle's neighbour.Day after day,they're getting to know each other and so they become good friends.They feel that they can relay on each other,tell secrets and do things together.


Cosette's father,so the same neighbour for Belle.He's very kind with her and sometimes he feels like Isabelle is the perfect friend for Cosette.He's ready to help Belle too and when it's needed he protects her as a father that she never had.


Belle's brother.Since Belle found out that she has a brother,she's searching for him like crazy but nothing yet.Marius and Isabelle meet at the Cafe...will they find out that they're family?Who knows....?


He meets Belle by an accident and later they become very good friends.Isabelle really admires his spirit,though both of them don't have tme for a romance.Who know again...?Maybe in the revolution will something happen and they'll be together...maybe not...


Isabelle knows her from little Gavroche.Somehow she finds out that 'Ponine is in love with her brother,Marius but Belle can't do many things,because she promised to keep it secret.They are good friends with Éponine.


Another Gavroche's sister.Belle meets Azelma in the street by losing her notebook which Azelma finds and gives it back.Isabelle is trying to help Azelma live a normal life by offering her home as a shelter but the young girl refuses for some reason.Although,they are good friends and help each other.


Belle is really attracted by him but she's not sure if she trully loves him.Well,she has friendly feelings and really cares about him and the same does he.


Isabelle is very kind and friendly to all and has a lot of friends.If anyone hurts her friends or Marius,she becomes very tough and (over)protective sometimes.


She's 22 years old now.Her natural hair is curly long hair but sometimes when she has free time,she changes hairstyle.
Her eyes are a mix of blue and green.It's wonderful how they sparkle when she's happy and how they change color when she cries.
She has the type of a thin,tall woman( almost Height: 1,67 Weight: 60 kilos).She usually doesn't have time to eat.She doen't like to drink.To drink,she has to be with company or to be very unhappy,heartbroken...


She loves writing and reading poems and songs.The people around her inspire her to write.She also loves singing and she's good at it.She has a very clear voice.Her friends recognise her only by her unique voice.
Another interest of hers is walking.She loves walking.She walks in the morning and in the evening...almost every day.Besides,that helps her think more and forget about the problems that she may has.Spending time at the Cafe is also a good habit for her.


She has got a very good education.As i mentioned,she talks five languages.After a lot of difficulties,she becomes a doctor as she dreamed.I said difficulties because in her ages,girls were not allowed to be even students so easy.As a doctor,she will be definitely usefull in revolution.
Belle is also able to protect anyone with her speech.To tell the truth,she gives a lot of speeches in the streets of Paris with a crowd mixed with men and women(more women than men of course).It's like she prepares the people especially the women for the revolution to fight for their rights.She has got a lot of ideas and stategies that generally talks about with Enjolras.

I hope you all like this character althought it's fan fiction.This character is also one of my favourites to role play.

[Note: Sorry for this huge text and thanks to all of you who read this and those who didn't i don't blame you..it's really huge text XD ]

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