Half An Hour Later: a writing challenge

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Half An Hour Later: a writing challenge

Postby Aurelia Combeferre » Sat Feb 03, 2007 8:35 am

The Half An Hour Later Challenge

A lot of events in "Les Misérables" hinge on coincidence and perfect timing. How different would circumstances be if Javert was half an hour late at Gorbeau house? If Bossuet had been held up for half an hour and not met Marius in the street? If Valjean had been half an hour too late to help Fantine in prison? Or how about other events altered by this time difference?

Write a vignette showing the outcome of any scenario in Les Misérables if one, or several key characters in a scene were thirty minutes late. This challenge is open for the entire month of February.

Post the responses here, or provide a link. Bonne chance!
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