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Please read everything in here before continuing in this forum.
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Forum Rules

Postby Abaissé Voice of Mod » Sun Jul 30, 2006 4:57 am

Please follow these rules, they are in place to ensure this place runs smoothly and peacefully.

  1. Don't be an ass. I mean it. You don't have to be friends with everyone, but at least be civil. If you can't even be civil, don't bother posting.
  2. I hate to point this out, because it should be obvious. But if you can't type like a decent human being, please don't post. Things like deliberate misspellings, overuse of smileys and punctuation (!, ?, and . especially), and deliberate asshattery is not going to make me a very happy mod. It's also not going to make other members happy if they have to spend extra time to decipher your posts. Don't make me have to delete your posts. Read over the forum before posting; most of the posts are articulate and readable, and we'd like yours to be the same.
    EDIT: Yes, this means I want you to proofread your posts. Ask yourself if you'd type like that in an e-mail to your professor or boss. If no, then you don't want to post it.
  3. No flaming. Anyone caught flaming once will be warned, anyone caught flaming twice will be banned. See rule #1.
  4. This is not the place to stir up flame wars or wank or heated provocative discussions about touchy and controversial subjects. If you intentionally stir up wank you are breaking rule #1 and will be treated as such.
  5. While these boards are in English, not everyone speaks English as their first language. Please keep that in mind; English is not an easy language for those of us who speak it natively, imagine what it must be like to learn it as a second or third language. See rule #1.
  6. Please make sure you have read all the posts in Important Information, and the Stickies in the respective discussion boards.
  7. Swearing is not censored or discouraged, but please don't be a pottymouth. In that same vein, if you are offended by another member's choice of language, either PM them privately about it, or if you can't do that, PM me, and I'll address it.
  8. If it is illegal in your country of residence, do not post about it here. Period.
  9. Spam will not be tolerated on these boards. There is a forum made specifically for pimping, but that doesn't give you permission to spam, and there are rules in that forum to abide by.
  10. I know this seems redundant, but please make sure your threads are relevant to the board you are posting them in. I do have the ability to move them, but I'd rather not waste time doing that.
  11. Creating multiple accounts in order to hide your identity will not be permitted. One username per IP address unless you can demonstrate a good reason why there are two usernames for your IP.
  12. Sig banners are tolerated... so long as they are within guidelines. No animation, and maximum size is 400x200: no more than 200 pixels high (tall) and 400 pixels wide (long). Anything more than that will be removed as soon as I see them.
  13. All members have the capability to edit posts. This is useful for those times when you discover typoes or broken links, or find you want to clarify what you've said, or have things you want to add. This does not mean you may edit to delete content later on if you decide you no longer like the post. Discussion topics posted on Abaissé are for the benefit of all members, not merely the one who posted the topic. Administration cannot view topics or posts before editing, however, if Administration discovers that there has been editing-to-delete occurring, Administration will remove the edit function from all non-moderator members.
  14. Have fun!

If you have any questions or concerns about these rules, please PM me.

Abaissé Voice of Mod
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Re: Forum Rules

Postby Abaissé Voice of Mod » Mon Aug 16, 2010 2:11 am

Rules and such have been updated and clarified. This is something I like to do periodically -- not to single anyone out or to claim that I think a lot of rule-breaking is going on. While there are in fact 13 entries on the rules list, I think you'll find that they are mostly, if not entirely, reasonable rules for most people and shouldn't be too difficult to follow. Please PM Administration if you have any questions about any of the rules. Thanks!

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