New: Spoiler Code

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New: Spoiler Code

Postby MmeJavert » Sun May 08, 2011 6:21 pm

I have been considering this and finally set something up!

Because of the differing styles in use on this board which have different background colours, there are very few ways to disguise text. If you are using, like me, the Hermes board style, anything in blue text is often hard to read, because the background of the site is shown in dark blue. But anyone using different styles won't have trouble seeing blue.

But I have a better way. There are TWO options available to me for setting this up. One requires modification of the actual PHP code the board is written in, and one does not; I opted for the latter. Basically I created a new BBCode element, which you will see on every new post. It is called "highlight"

If you have text you want to disguise, for spoiler reasons or otherwise, here is how it works:

Code: Select all

[highlight=#8000FF][color=#8000ff]This text is a spoiler![/color][/highlight]

This looks like:

This text is a spoiler!

Note: You can replace the "8000ff"s with ANY COLOUR you like. They can be either written out (as "purple") or in hex codes, like the example. It won't work if the colours are different, obviously. And all you need to do to read the highlighted text is, well, highlight it. :)

When using it in a post, you can copy/paste the above example and change it as you please. You can change the order of the highlight/color tags if you want, as well. If you just like pressing buttons to implement the bbcode, you would want to click on the highlight tag button, then the color bar at the right at whichever colour you want to disguise with. Then in between the tags produced you would add your text to be disguised. Your cursor will default right in between the tags so all you would need to do is start typing!

Any questions, just let me know! I have tried to make this as clear and simple to understand as possible, as I know not everyone is an expert in coding, so if anything at all doesn't make sense you can ask here or PM! :)
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