Quick maintenance...

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Quick maintenance...

Postby Abaissé Voice of Mod » Sun Jan 30, 2011 4:35 pm

A couple of you might have noticed the board had been disabled for a few minutes with the message. "Bear with me for some quick updates! We should be back soon!" I kept it down for something like 20 minutes while I made a few changes. The only change any of you should NOTICE is that new registrations will have to answer A QUESTION in order to register.

Administration has been noticing an uptick in spam registrations lately (and a few spam posts, when the admins miss the registration!) so changing the security registration from a cracked CAPTCHA to the human question is the current option.

The answer to the security question should be obvious to anyone here. I'm not sure bots have the capability to scan a board for the security answers or search google (yet), but we are going to see. Ideally I'd like to have a CAPTCHA code and the security question for registration but without some serious modifications -- which require a LONG downtime so I can do the long-neglected board software updates -- I'm not sure that can be done here.

Sorry if you came by and couldn't use the board! Everything should be working just fine -- if it's not, PM or e-mail this account.

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