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Postby MmeJavert » Wed May 02, 2018 5:27 am

Your Admin returns for the yearly, uh, check-up (no speculums, I promise).

Hopefully no one experienced any loss of site visitation after I momentarily lost track of the hosting payment due date. No worries! Site is paid through this time in 2019! So you can keep on going :)

An FYI! Anyone who used to use admin@the-barricade.net as an email contact will have to stop doing so, if you haven't figured that out already, as my google app that ran the email got closed due to -- wait for it -- inactivity. Oops.

I am reachable via the email in the contact button (should be underneath my icon) should anything come up that requires The Hand of God administrative powers. I may lurk -- been feeling nostalgic for some proper frenchboy fanfic again.
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Re: 2018!

Postby deHavilland » Thu May 03, 2018 12:32 am

Thanks, Mme J!

At first glance, I read it as anyone using the administration account as if it were their personal email and it was terribly confusing.

Pressure's on, people. Write some good fic!
"Quand vous aurez besoin de Bahorel, capitaine, Bahorel est là! Je sais faire trébucher tous les chevaux du garde-corps avec une ficelle... Rien qu'une petite ficelle. Enfin, pensez à Bahorel du Café Musain!"

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